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Cong. SJL, of the Eighteenth District, in a recent speech on the House Floor says there are still two Vietnams – huh!  Check out Chron.com.

You know, the Harris County election ballot is now printed in Vietnamese because there aren’t two Vietnams.  I guess Cong. SJL didn’t watch the evening news that day back in 1975 when the last helicopter took off from the roof of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon.

Commentary is real disappointed in our Houston Police Department for sending out misleading letters to folks that haven’t paid their fines after they were caught running red lights by the red light cameras.  Check out the Chron story.  The City of H-Town wanted Harris County to help collect the fines by not renewing the vehicle registration for those folks that owed unless they paid off the fines.  The County said they wouldn’t participate because they were afraid folks just wouldn’t renew their registration and the County would lose money.  HPD sent out letters anyway saying that unless you paid your fine, you couldn’t renew your registration…tsk, tsk, tsk.

Numero 45 didn’t make it to last night’s club workout in Pittsburgh and so the team is a little miffed.  I’m disappointed in Numero 45 for not getting his arse in gear.  He’s not doing so hot at the plate this season.   His not showing up on time sends a bad message if you ask me.  When was the last time Numero 45 played in the post season?

Brains and Eggs and Pitchforks and Torches unmercifully skewered Renew Houston yesterday.  They hit the message, the messenger, the presentation, the facts, and the lack of facts.  I’m thinking that The Mayor is going to have to do some heavy lifting on behalf of Renew Houston which probably means that the term limits recommendation will not make it on the ballot.

In 2000, of course, Numero 45 was a member of the White Sox when they won the AL Central.  In the ALDS they got swept by the Mariners in three and Numero 45 went 1 for 11. 

It looks like Skipper Mills might bench Numero 45 tonight for missing last night’s workout.  That’s OK with me as the club plays three in Pittsburgh this weekend.


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