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An H-Town City Council Committee officially received the recommendation from the Term Limits Review Commission yesterday.  Aside from Commentary, not many folks showed up.   Prior to the meeting, here’s what the Chron said the H-Town Mayor had to say about the recommendation:  “not something I’m going to get excited about.”

The recommendation includes two four year terms replacing the current three two year terms.  The Mayor, Controller, and other council member first termers could run for two four year terms for a total of ten years of service.  Second termers could run for a four year term for a total of eight years of service.  Third termers couldn’t run anymore, so they end up with just six years.  Frankly, I don’t think that is fair.

Of course, City Council has to vote to put it on the November ballot and the voters have to approve.  If this happens, they would probably have to make changes to the city’s campaign fundraising ordinance.

To date, a political action committee to change term limits has not been formed.  Let’s see now.  If the Mayor is not enthused, if a lot of activists are going to be worried about the partisan races, and if some city folks are going to be Renewing H-Town, I don’t see how you can mount a campaign to change term limits.  Stay tuned!

Jeff Bagwell returns to the ‘Stros dugout tomorrow night in Pittsburgh.  When he made his MLB debut on Opening Day in 1991, where was he in the batting order?

Yesterday, the H-Town City Council also started talking about the upcoming redistricting process.  Some very pointed questions were asked.  It is going to be an interesting process.

HISD Trustee Diana Davila will announce her resignation from the school board this afternoon.  Diana caught everyone off guard yesterday when word got out she was leaving.  We’re not sure on the process to replace – appoint or election.  This is going to be very interesting.

Bagwell batted sixth of course on Opening Day of 1991.

I guess during the next 16 days folks will be talking about Roy O. and The Big Puma as trade material and the ’Stros return to The Yard next Friday.   


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