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Cong. Ciro Rodriguez (D-San Antonio) claimed he got set-up and ambushed and that’s why he lost his cool.  Well, as of yesterday afternoon over 281,000 folks had viewed the meltdown on youtube.  It looks like Ciro gave his opponent all the ammo they need to perpetuate the stereotype of the hot tempered Latino. 

White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs said this past weekend that Dems could very well lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives this November – yikes!  He’s not backing off of those words.  I’m thinking this is part of a message strategy to get Dems more enthused – I hope!

This past weekend the Chron carried a story about a memo the H-Town Chief of Police put out that says officers can’t talk to criminal defense lawyers on cases unless they got an OK from the DA’s office.    A handful of the best criminal defense lawyers in H-Town showed up yesterday at the H-Town City Council meeting and skewered the Police Chief and City Attorney and accused them of witness tampering and violating the constitution.  The City Attorney didn’t look to sharp if you ask me.  I was checking it out on the municipal channel. 
Check out the story.  Not a single council member defended the Chief or City Attorney.  Two council members (Jones and Bradford) even piled on.   The H-Town Mayor’s body language and measured response indicated that the Chief’s memo was probably headed to the shredder.  Stay tuned!

The ATL catcher Brian McCann was named MVP of last night’s MLB All Star Game after knocking in three runs with a base loaded double in the top of the seventh inning.  FYI: McCann was taken by the Braves in round two of the 2002 MLB Amateur Player Draft.   There were three others in uniform last night that were also drafted in round two in 2002.  Who are they?

Let’s get back to the recommendation by the H-Town Term Limits Review Commission.  A political player told me last night that it was kind of unfair for the more senior members of the current council to not be able to get the opportunity to rack up as many years of service as the newer members – if you know what I mean.  I get this.  It does kind of seem unfair. 

Reds first baseman Joey Votto, Dodgers pitcher Jonathan Broxton, and Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester of course were also taken in round two of the 2002 draft.

Michael Bourn struck out on three pitches last night in his only at-bat.    At least he was on the field when the final out was made.  Now the ‘Stros have something to play for.  After last night’s 3-1 NL victory, if we get to the World Serious, we get home field advantage.


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