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Let’s go to the important things first.  Commentary was asked by perryvstheworld to answer 20 questions.  What the heck!   Somebody finally asked me for my takes.  Check them out.

The City of H-Town Term Limits Review Commission came up with a recommendation.  Check it out in today’s Chron.

I don’t know about that.   Here’s the first thing that comes to my mind.  Let’s say The H-Town Mayor and City Council puts this on the ballot this November.   What if the issue is framed around giving the H-Town Mayor 10 years instead of six?  What if the proposal is rejected by the voters?   What would it say about The Mayor?

To cover her arse, The Mayor would have to expend political capital to make sure this passes.  Then it looks like she’s doing this for personal political gain. 

City Council does not have an obligation to put this on the ballot.  In fact they need to be real careful.   Thousands and thousands of voters signed petitions back in 1991 to put the term limits initiative on the ballot.  I’m betting no more than 250 voters attended the Commission hearing this past year and not all of them were in support of changing the current system.   Think about that.

The H-Town Mayor and City Council have to make sure that there is a fully funded professional campaign team in place that is going to get this thing passed before they sign-off.  If they put it out there and they get beat, they are all going to look bad and look like they are out of touch.  You don’t want to be an elected official that is perceived to be out of touch with your constituents.

I’m sure the Renew Houston folks would rather have the members of City Council spending their evenings campaigning for Renew Houston and not on changing term limits.  Stay tuned!

George Steinbrenner is no longer with us.  When was the first time one of his Yankee teams won the World Serious?

Speaking of Renew Houston, CEWDEM put out a piece where a local Dem Party officer from SD 13 is cracking on Renew Houston. I wonder how many other Dem leaders will oppose Renew Houston and join forces with Norman Adams and his crew.

Commentary will be going to The Yard this evening to catch the MLB All Star Game on the jumbotron.  It is a reward of sorts for some of us that follow the team.  Hope they have some good grub.

In 1977 of course, the Yankees beat the Dodgers in six games.

I’ll be rooting for the NL tonight so the ‘Stros can have home field advantage during the World Serious.


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