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The burkablog likes to remind us that when looking at the current national polling data, keep an eye on the stat that says GOP voters are more enthused than Dem voters.  Can Lone Star State Dems offset this by having a competitive race for governor?

It looks like H-Town voters will vote on a drainage and infrastructure initiative that will call for some sort of fee increase to combat flooding.  The Chron called it a “tax” today.  Check out the story.   The folks that want to call for an election are called Renew Houston.  H-Town business leader Norman Adams calls it an increase in the property tax and has signaled that he will lead the charge to oppose.  Does the Renew Houston election bring out more anti tax voters to the polls?

The Kubosh folks say they have the signatures to put the anti red light camera initiative on the H-Town ballot.  If they do have the signatures, does this bring out more anti government voters?   Of course, if they come in with just over the bare minimum of signatures, the folks at the city will check them out closely.

Then there is the H-Town Term Limits Commission that might forward to the H-Town City Council next week, a recommendation to make a few changes to the current term limits provision.  Even if the recommendation is considered slight or modest, does this also bring out the more conservative voter?   If so, does this hurt the Renew Houston effort?

Heck, does the anti red light camera effort hurt the Renew Houston effort?

Then there are also the old standbys like the immigration reform issue and Latino voters and without The President on the ballot, do African American and first time voters turn out.   Does the fact that the Former H-Town Mayor is a homie impact local turnout?

This is the kind of stuff that political folks will be talking about leading up to early voting so stay tuned!

Who has the MLB record for most 200-hit season?

H-Town CM James Rodriguez got some run in today’s Chron editorial.  Check it out. 

Commentary’s still glad to know that the folks over at The Yard still read Commentary.  Roy O. let his pitching do his talking as he racked up the second one hitter of his career.  The Big Puma took care of business with a couple of solo dingers.  They sure are determined to get off of the road to 100.

Pete Rose of course had ten 200-hit seasons.

Tony LaRussa, Albert Pujols, and the rest of the San Luis crew make their first season visit to The Yard this weekend as blue caps are given out today and Mike Scott bobble heads tomorrow. 


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