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Newspapers across the state are reporting about the candidate forum that Guv Dude skipped yesterday.  If his internal polling says that it is OK to skip, well, he’ll continue to skip them.

AP has a story today about folks in the Lone Star State not taking a liking to the red light cameras.  The article says that the Kubosh petition drive has enough signatures to give us a red light camera election here in H-Town this November.  Now that is interesting. 

You have to figure that the H-Town Mayor would have to come out in support of keeping the red light cameras because of public safety and budget concerns.  You have to wonder that aside from the company that sells the city the red light cameras, who would give money to a save the red light camera campaign committee.  Stay tuned on this one for sure!

The lowly Pittsburgh Pirates come to The Yard this weekend.  Of course, one of the best ever in the game was Numero 21, Roberto Clemente of the Pirates.  He was taken from us on December31, 1972 at the age of 38.   He ended up with 3,000 hits.  Who was pitching against him when he got Number 3,000?

Well, a number of local news organizations are reporting that BP tar balls are hitting Texas beaches.  I wonder how the political campaigns will play this.

A few seasons ago the Chron’s Sports Section had a tombstone on its cover signifying that the ‘Stros were dead that year and we ended up going to the World Serious.  Today’s Sport Section cover is about the possibility of the ‘Stros losing 100 games this season. 

Jon Matlack of course of the Mets served up a double to Roberto Clemente on September, 30, 1972 at Three Rivers.

Maybe today’s Chron Sports Section will serve as a wake-up call and get the ‘Stros on track.  They need to start putting it together tonight against a team that hasn’t had a winning season since 41 was president.


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