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One of the best weekly local TV programs is the H-Town City Council meetings.  They usually end up being informative for sure and sometimes very entertaining.  Yesterday’s meeting didn’t disappoint.   Council members got into a spirited debate on plunking down a few more mil to consultants for operating the police department’s fingerprint lab.   Here’s the Chron story on the debate.

First of all, let me say that Commentary doesn’t have a dog in this hunt.  Leading the charge against the item was CM Brad Bradford, a former HPD police chief.  At one point during the debate, CM Ann Clutterbuck called out Bradford and told him that he needed to recuse himself from the debate because he had been in charge of HPD when some of the lab problems occurred.  Here is what Clutterbuck said"I’m very concerned that it leads to public distrust in this body if we have people debating and discussing this and voting on it when they were in charge of this process from 1997 to 2004."

I don’t know about that.  First of all, Commentary voted for Chief Bradford last year when he won without a run-off.  When an issue like the problems in our labs are raised and debated, I want to know what Chief Bradford has to say.  Of those sitting at the council table, he is certainly the most knowledgeable and experienced on these matters.  I’d be worried if he sat there in silence.  I’m kind of puzzled why CM Clutterbuck really would not want to hear what Bradford had to say on this.

It is interesting that during council pop-off (pop-off comes at the end of the council meeting when members get to make announcements and other shout outs) CM Clutterbuck used her time to acknowledge the upcoming Fourth of July by reading the preamble of the Declaration of Independence.  She then proceeded to provide us with a mini civics lesson on who signers of the document were and how they made sacrifices for our liberty and freedom.  Hmmm…..a half hour earlier she wasn’t interested in letting Chief Bradford “freely” speak his mind.

The ‘Stros visit San Diego tonight to start a four game series.  The Padres have been to the World Serious twice.  When did they go and how many total World Serious games have they won?

Well the ‘Stros ended up going 14-14 in June.  The Chron said we’d go 12-16 in June and be 34-45 on July 1.  We’re 31-48.

The Padres went to the 1984 World Serious and the 1998 World Serious of course, losing to the Tigers 4 games to 1 in 1984 and losing to the Yankees 4 games to zip in 1998.

The Padres have the best record in the NL.  We’re near the bottom of course.  We’re 3-3 on our current roadie.  It would be nice to come out of this weekend with a series win.


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