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Commentary has said it before.  The President is probably the smartest Dem around – period.  This is in today’s SA Express News:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama huddled Tuesday with Latino lawmakers at the White House on efforts to overcome hurdles and jump-start the legislative process for a comprehensive immigration reform bill this year.

Obama met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in advance of a speech that will urge Congress to pass an immigration bill, even as the Justice Department reviews the constitutionality of a controversial Arizona law.

Check out the article.

Now he knows that passing comprehensive immigration reform is not going to happen this year.  However, when The President speaks, folks listen.  So he’s reminding Latino voters that he is trying to do something but the GOP is standing in the way so it will be on the minds of Latino voters on Election Day.  Who knows!  Maybe we can at least get the DREAM ACT out of this!

All baseball fans know that Cy Young holds the MLB record for most wins by a pitcher – 511.  Cy Young got his last win on September 22, 1911.  Who is number two on the all time win list?

The H-Town City Council this morning started discussing next year’s redistricting process.   Instead of creating a city council committee on redistricting, the H-Town Mayor mentioned that she will probably let the process run through the Ethics and Council Governance Committee – currently chaired by CM Mike Sullivan, a GOPer – interesting.  At this morning’s meeting, CM Sullivan embraced the process and let his colleagues know that he would be fair.  I guess it’s a done deal.  Commentary doesn’t have a problem with CM Sullivan on this.  We can work with the fella on redistricting if you ask me.  Stay tuned!

After watching ‘Stros pitcher Brett Myers give up four dingers last night, I don’t know if we have an All Star Game worthy player.  Alyson’s Footnotes today makes the case for Myers, Roy O., closer Matt Lindstrom, Hunter Pence, and Jeff Keppinger.

Check it out.

Walter Johnson of course of the Washington Senators won 417 games from 1907-1927 is number two on the list.

We need to win this afternoon in order to break even this month.  It is going to be tough though as we go with a shaky Wandy.  How bad has our year been?  As of today, we are the only team in MLB with two pitchers that have ten losses – Roy O. and Wandy – yikes!


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