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In yesterday’s Chron, the E-Board in their lead editorial took aim at some members of the H-Town City Council for not cutting their own budgets – ouch!    Check it out.

Here are a couple of the zingers they used:

This was tone-deaf public relations on council’s part.

A vigilant City Council is our first line of defense. They let us down last week.

The Sunday Chron lead editorial is widely read.  The consolation prize to council members in the editorial was their individual names were not listed.

Of course, I wonder if the three council members that voted for the 2% budget cut to council offices will go on ahead and cut their budgets by 2%.  Stay tuned!

Commentary said a couple of weeks ago that going negative would be front and center in the race for governor of the Lone Star State.  The Back to the Basics PAC has some TV ads on the air that are whacking Guv Dude pretty good.  The Former H-Town Mayor also whacked Dude pretty good this past weekend.  Stay tuned!

Who holds the MLB record for hitting the most dingers for the same team?

Bonus:  Who holds the record for hitting the most game lead-off dingers in the NL?

Commentary was checking out Mexico versus Argentina and before the match when they played the Mexican National Anthem all of the members of El Tri were singing.  You don’t see that in these parts.

If you ask me, Roy O. needs to stop talking about getting traded and focus on pitching.  While in Arlington this past weekend he talked about getting traded to the Rangers then got lit up last night and got yanked in the fifth.  If you ask me, if I had to pick our MLB All-Star, I’d go with Brett Myers.

Henry Louis Aaron of course hit 733 dingers as a Milwaukee/Atlanta Brave.  He hit another 22 as a Milwaukee Brewer.

B-G-O of course had 53 game lead-off dingers as a ‘Stro.

Speaking of, Al Downing, the pitcher that served up Hank Aaron’s record breaking 715th dinger back in 1974, is celebrating his 69th BD today. 

Rookie pitching sensation Stephen Strasburg of the Nationals makes his national TV debut tonight on ESPN2 against the Braves as the 29-47 ‘Stros limp into Milwaukee with The Big Puma hitting .240, Numero 45  at .234, Bourn at .257, Feliz at .216, Michaels at .232, Blum at .242, and that’s why we’re 29-47. 

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