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The City of H-Town City Council adopted the $4.1 bil budget yesterday with the usual amendments.  One of the council members proposed cutting council members’ office budgets by 2%.  The council member that proposed the budget amendment said:   “I think it is disingenuous to ask departments to cut their budgets and not cut our own.  We were elected to lead by example, not by decree.”  The amendment only received support from two other members of council.

Commentary is certainly not going to say that the three council members that supported this amendment were posturing.  However, if they supported this, shouldn’t they go on ahead and voluntarily cut 2% of their budget?  Stay tuned!

I will say this about the World Cup.  It is a big deal among H-Town’s huge immigrant community.  On days that El Tri plays, I see the cashiers at the local Fiesta all decked out in the Red, White and Green.  I was at the office of a Latino community group yesterday and all of a sudden a huge cheer erupted throughout the suite of offices after the U.S. of A. scored their goal.   Mexico versus Argentina this weekend ought to be interesting in H-Town.  I get it.

A Winbledon match will continue today on day 3 after an epic 10 hours – wow?

What is the longest game ever in MLB post season history?

Bonus:  What is the longest game ever in World Serious history?

Commentary forgot to wish MariGirl a happy birthday on Tuesday – sorry.  Happy Birthday Marisol!

The ‘Stros versus the Braves of course in Game 4 of the NLDS on October 9, 2005 at The Yard in 18 innings and five hours and fifty minutes.

The ‘Stros versus the White Sox of course in Game 3 of the World Serious on October 25, 2005 at The Yard in 14 innings and five hours and forty-one minutes.

Commentary was at both.

If you ask Commentary and of course nobody ever asks Commentary, if the ‘Stros only get one selection for the MLB All-Star Game, today I’d pick Brett Myers (5-5) with a 3.20 ERA over Roy O. (5-9) with a 3.08 ERA because he’s not whining.  This afternoon will be the last time we get to see the team at The Yard this month.  They will hit the road for ten games and not return until after the Fourth of July.

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