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After yesterday’s poll that showed Guv Dude and the Former H-Town Mayor all tied up, I’m thinking that Dude will agree to a couple of debates and put this debate issue to bed.  I’m also thinking that Dude will probably go negative first in the near future with some TV or radio ads.

I guess since I didn’t hear anything to the contrary, Commissioners Court went on ahead and yesterday approved a study on the possibility of an Elections Administrator.  Stay tuned!

The H-Town Mayor will get her first budget approved today.  From here on out it is all hers.  

Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum made his major league debut in May of 2007.  His first major league win was against the Rockies.  Who did he beat for his second win?

The only good thing from last night’s win was Jason Castro’s first hit in his first at-bat.  He also scored our only run and threw out two runners trying to steal second.  Way to go J-Stro!

We’re a team with a 26-45 record that says it all.  The picture on the front page of the sports section in the Chron’s hard copy also says it all.  It is a photo of a contorted Big Puma trying to snag a pop foul.   Numero 45 got booed Sunday for booting a ball to hit him.   Heck, I haven’t even snagged a foul ball this season.  That’s how bad it is.

Lincecum got his second win against the ‘Stros of course in 2007 and Roy O. took the loss.  Last night was the third time this season that Lincecum and Roy O. have faced off with Roy O. getting all three losses.  Go figure!

Barry Zito versus Brett Myers tonight as we continue to look for a way to win! 


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