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Harris County Commissioners Court will consider an agenda item today to conduct a study on what happens if a County Elections Administrator Office is created.  Check out today’s Chron.  It looks like we could be one step closer to an EA.  I hope the votes are there to approve the study.  Stay tuned!

The Houston City Council takes up the annual budget tomorrow and CM Anne Clutterbuck has proposed a budget amendment that eliminates the extra monthly cash for being bilingual.  I don’t know about that.  Check out the piece.  This policy has been in place for 18 years or so.  Now some Latino leaders are all riled up.  Way to go!

CM Jolanda Jones has a budget amendment that calls for putting in showers in the council member floor bathrooms – huh!  I also don’t know about that.  I don’t think you can cut back on library hours and at the same time build showers for council members.   It is definitely not a good PR move.

CM Mike Sullivan has a pretty bold budget amendment.  He wants to delay city employee pay raises that are scheduled.  Good luck!

The future has begun so to speak at The Yard.  Two years and seventeen days after being taken 10th in the first round of the MLB draft, catcher Jason Castro will make his major league debut behind the plate tonight handling Roy O. at The Yard against the Giants.  J-Stro will be wearing the Number 15 jersey.  Who were the last four ‘’Stros to wear the Number 15?

The good news about tonight’s game versus the Giants is that we get to watch a match-up of greats – Roy. O versus Tim Lincecum, the winner of the last two NL Cy Young Awards.  The bad news is we have to face Tim Lincecum.

Doug Drabek (1993-1996), Richard Hidalgo (1997-2004), Carlos Beltran (2004), and Cecil Cooper (2005-2009) of course were the last four ‘Stros to wear the Number 15 jersey.

This the second time in at The Yard for the Giants this season.  We had them for the opening series back in April.  San Luis and the Brewers, our Central Division rivals still haven’t dropped in.

Roy O. has a 3.12 ERA and is 5-8.  Lincecum has a 3.11 ERA and is 7-2.  Guess who has run support as tonight’s buzz at The Yard will be about J-Stro.


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