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A headline on the front page of today’s Chron says “Report: Poverty, dropout rate bode grim Texas future.”   What else is new?  Here’s a piece from the article:  I don’t see business rearing up, and I sure don’t see the state Legislature, with an $18 billion problem, saying, ‘Man, we really need to muscle this thing up.’ I think the thing that’s going to change it is going to be another lawsuit," said Jack Lowe, chairman of Dallas-based TDI Industries and a board member of the Texas Business and Education Coalition.

Here is the article.

It looks like this Lowe fella is saying that our leaders don’t have the guts and courage to deal with this problem.   It looks like we’re still on the road to nowhere here in the Lone Star State. 

Who was the first ‘Stro to ever hit three dingers in a game and who was the last ‘Stro to hit three dingers in game?

Speaking of, Kuffer has more on the Latino vote.   Check it out.

In yesterday’s SA Express news, there was lengthy piece on big money and college football.  The Longhorns rake in $87.6 mil a year in football.  The Coogs rake in $4 mil.   In the Big 12, Baylor rakes in the least at $11.9 mil.  In today’s Chron, the UH Chancellor says she wants UH in the Big 12.  I don’t know about that.  I think UH needs to be raking in an additional $8 mil a year before the Big 12 starts talking to them.  Heck, Rice rakes in $12.7 mil and they are not getting talked to by the Big 12.

Don’t tamper with our players Nolan!   There was a piece on the ‘Stros website about Hall of Famer and Rangers President Nolan Ryan talking about trading for Roy O.  I really don’t appreciate Nolan coming into our yard and talking about snatching up Roy O.  I don’t even think the Rangers could take on Roy O’s hefty salary if you ask me.  I also wish Roy O. would also stop talking about getting traded.    Here is the piece.

Jimmy “Toy Cannon” Wynn of course hit three solo dingers in a game on June 15, 1967 against the Giants in the Astrodome of all places.  On April 13, 2007, Numero 45 of course hit three dingers in Philly.  Two of the dingers came off of Brett Myers (now with the ‘Stros), including a grand salami.

I was going to talk about our miserable season to date including The Big Puma batting .237, Numero 45 at .223, and Feliz at .221 but I’m not.  I’m glad the front office still reads Commentary.   GM Wade announced after yesterday’s game that Jason Castro would in the brick red for tomorrow’s game against the Giants.  Third baseman Chris Johnson and outfielder Jason Bourgeois will also be in the brick red.  I wonder if our new catcher will be called J-Stro?


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