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A bunch of area state legislators sent a letter to the Big 12 Conference asking that UH and TCU be included in the Big 12.  (Sorry Rice!  I guess your NCAA Baseball Championship a few years ago and Tier One Status doesn’t rate.)  I’m looking forward to seeing the Big 12 response.  I really don’t think UH and TCU are going to get a Big 12 invite.  It is not going to happen.    Not very many folks can roll over big time college sports.  Just ask the folks that are going up against the BCS.  Commentary hopes we really don’t spend a lot of taxpayer dollars debating this Big 12 issue.  Until we figure out the state’s budget mess and reduce the dropout rate, let’s leave this debate where it belongs – on sports talk radio.

Here’s the list of legislators that signed the letter: Representatives Bill Callegari, Garnet Coleman, Alma Allen, Carol Alvarado, Ellen Cohen, Harold Dutton, Gary Elkins, Al Edwards, Jessica Farrar, Allen Fletcher, Ken Legler, Ana Hernandez, Charlie Howard, Debbie Riddle, Wayne Smith, Larry Taylor, Kristi Thibaut, Senfronia Thompson, Sylvester Turner, Armando Walle, Randy Weber, Beverly Woolley, John Zerwas, Hubert Vo, and Senators Rodney Ellis and Mario Gallegos.

Where’s Hochberg?

Where’s The Dean?

How come the Chron doesn’t have their soccer beat writer in South Africa covering the World Cup?  We have an MLS team here in H-Town.  We’re fixing to build a new soccer stadium.  We’ve even made a pitch to host some matches at Reliant Stadium if the U.S. of A. gets to be the Host Nation of the 2018 World Cup.  Other cities might just use the fact that we didn’t send a reporter to South Africa against our 2018 bid.  H-Town has a huge immigrant population that is paying a lot of attention to the World Cup.  I’m betting that the city’s productivity dipped some yesterday afternoon when Mexico went up against the French.   The Chron can send a reporter over to France to cover a bike ride but not the World Cup – huh?  How can we claim to be an international city when our newspaper can’t even send their soccer beat writer to cover the World Cup.

In 1967, this MLB Hall of Famer became the first player to steal 50 bases and hit 20 dingers in the same season.  On April 14, 1969, he was the first player to ever bat in Canada.  Who am I talking about?

Sir Paul is 64 plus 4 today.  Future ‘Stro Jason Castro is 23 today.  Numero 45 will be celebrating numero 34 on Sunday.

Lou Brock of course hit 21 dingers and stole 52 bases for San Luis in 1967.  On April 14, 1969 in he led off the game in Jarry Park in Montreal against the new expansion team Montreal Expos and lined out to second. Lou Brock is celebrating his 71st BD today.

The only thing I’m going to say about last night is once again ‘Stros Skipper Mills left his starting pitcher in a batter or two too long – arrgh!   We should have won last night.  Now we have Lone Star Series for the Silver Boot this weekend with T-Shirts tonight, Nolan Ryan Bobbleheads tomorrow, and Father’s Day neckties on Sunday. 


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