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About four weeks ago, Commentary launched the “Latino Vote 2010” series.  I wanted to get a discussion going and boy have I!

Here is what someone sent out this morning: “I don’t know if Campos has any constructive ideas at all. He seems to be, mostly, a gossip and gadfly. But, he is correct about a self-perpetuating and failed party leadership.”

 “Marc Campos is incompetent in his inability to get out the Latino vote.”

 “As I’ve said before Marc is likened a 2nd. string player sitting on the bench in the dugout complaining to the water boy about the play or lack of play of his team mates on the field…. but when he gets to play, well what can I say…. that’s why’s he’s on the bench most of the time….”

  “Marc doesn’t know himself what’s needed to get more Latinos to the polls… TRUST ME IF HE (Commentary) DID……… we’d all know it for he’d make certain he’d get the credit for fixing this problem…”

 “I agree 100 % with Marc Campos.  Every election year it’s the same thing. Yet, it’s the same democrats who say why the Republicans have “token” Hispanics  in committees and appointments.  The D’s should learn from the R’s and start investing into the Hispanic Community around the state of Texas.  If they don’t invest then don’t complain when the other party does…………………..”

 Obviously, I got some blood boiling out there because it is generating some personal attacks.  Like I said, I’d rather have this discussion before the election than after.

Yesterday I pointed out the vote turnout for certain Latino precincts in Harris County’s inner city for the 2002 Perry/Sanchez and 2006 Perry/Bell races.  First of all, let me say that Commentary consulted for the Sanchez campaign in Harris County in 2002.   As most folks recall, the Sanchez campaign put in money into a ground and air effort in the Latino community and that is why the Latino turnout was in the 25% to 31% range in hard core Latino precincts as compared to the overall 35% Harris County turnout.  It also helped that Sanchez was Latino.

Check out Kuffer’s latest on the Latino vote.

Commentary is helping to organize two local events that could impact Latino voter awareness.   Yesterday we sent out an announcement on the next Houston Area Latino Summit that will focus on Immigration Reform.  It will be held at PlazAmericas (the old Sharpstown Mall) on Saturday, August 14, 2010.  The info will be posted on www.camposcommunications.com  and   www.houstonlatinosummit.com  later today.  We will also be helping to organize the PlazAmericas Community Expo and Voter Registration Event on Sunday, September 12, 2010 … to be continued!  

Last night before the ‘Stros/Royals game in KC, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig announced that KC would host the 2012 MLB ALL-Star Game. This year’s All_Star Game is in Anaheim and next year’s is in Phoenix – oh no.  Of course, the 2004 All-Star Game was at The Yard with The Big Puma and Miggy going dinger to dinger in the Dinger Derby.  Barry, Barry, A-Roid, ManRoid, SamRoid, Piazza, and Pudge were among the stars that showed up.  The Rocket was the starting pitcher for the NL.  Who was the starting pitcher for the AL?

Yesterday, Commentary was watching the H-Town Mayor at her post Council Meeting press availability and she said that a cell use and text banning while driving ordinance was not going to happen here in H-Town.  She wants to leave it to the state and feds to come up with a law.  That’s too bad. 

Mark Mulder of course from the A’s started on the mound for the AL in 2004.  Mulder last pitched in the MLB in 2008.

In case you didn’t get to see the end of last night’s rain delayed game, we won 4-2 with Roy O picking up the win.  So we’re 4-5 on the road trip as we finish up in KC tonight!

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