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Not in my ‘hood.   A couple of days ago I put out the Chron piece on what Governor Perry’s Campaign Manager Rob Johnson said about the Governor’s past history with the Latino vote.  Here is part of the piece:  “Johnson noted that Perry drew 35 percent of the Latino vote in 2002 against a Latino opponent, Tony Sanchez. He said 30 percent of the Latino vote signals a likely win for Republicans; 35 percent should yield a comfortable victory; 40 percent, he said, ‘changes the dynamics of Texas politics for a generation.’"

In looking at hard core Latino precincts in Harris County for the 2002 general election, here is what I found:

Precinct 11 (Second Ward), 25.4% turnout, Sanchez 89.3%, Perry 9.8%.

Precinct 44, (Near Northside), 25.5% turnout, Sanchez 81.4%, Perry 16.2%.

Precinct 46 (Near Northside), 25% turnout, Sanchez 88.2%, Perry 10.1%.

Precinct 62 (Denver Harbor), 30.1% turnout, Sanchez 86.8%, Perry 12%.

Precinct 64 (Magnolia), 29.6% turnout, Sanchez 90.5%, Perry 8.7%.

Precinct 65 (Magnolia), 31.5% turnout, Sanchez 89.3%, Perry 9.9%.

FYI – the Harris County total turnout was 35%.

In inner city precincts in Harris County, Mr. Johnson’s claim for 2002 Perry/Sanchez and Latino voters doesn’t add up, at least not in Harris County.

In looking at the 2006 general election for Perry/Chris Bell in the same precincts, here’s is what I found:

Precinct 11 (Second Ward), 28.1% turnout, Bell 66%, Perry 23%.

Precinct 44, (Near Northside), 17.5% turnout, Bell 62.2%, Perry 17%.

Precinct 46 (Near Northside), 17.4% turnout, Bell 63%, Perry 21%.

Precinct 62 (Denver Harbor), 18.1% turnout, Bell 51.7%, Perry 23.3%.

Precinct 64 (Magnolia), 17.8% turnout, Bell 66.2%, Perry 15.8%.

Precinct 65 (Magnolia), 18.5% turnout, Bell 66.3%, Perry 19.9%.

FYI – the Harris County total turnout was 31.6%.

What I found interesting was that the Perry vote turned out in both elections.

In Pct. 11, in 2002, Perry received 56 votes and in 2006 he received 75 votes.

In Pct. 44, in 2002, 88 votes, in 2006, 59 votes.

In Pct. 46, in 2002, 74 votes, in 2006, 98 votes.

In Pct. 62, in 2002, 91 votes, in 2006, 97 votes.

In Pct. 64, in 2002, 64 votes, in 2006, 64 votes.

In Pct. 65, in 2002, 81 votes, in 2006, 83 votes.

I guess you can say that the Perry Latino voter is going to turn out so it is up to the local Democratic Party effort to turn out their Latino voter….to be continued!

As most knowledgeable baseball fans know, the Oakland Athletics used to be the Kansas City Athletics who used to be the Philadelphia Athletics.  Just before the 1960 season, the Yankees traded to the Kansas City Athletics four players including Hank Bauer, Don Larsen, and Marv Throneberry. KC sent over three players including a future two-time MVPer who ended up setting a record that stood for 37 years.  Who am I talking about?

Bring me the head of Osama Bin Laden.  I don’t know why they have to arrest that American fella in Pakistan who was on a mission to cut off the head of Osama Bin Laden.  Nobody else has done the job including the best intelligence agencies in the world. 

Roger Maris of course won the 1960 and 1961 AL MVP Awards and of course had 61 dingers in 1961, a record that stood until the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa dinger assault of 1998.

Commentary is going to have to say that ‘Stros Skipper Brad Mills should have pulled pitcher Felipe Paulino a couple of batters earlier.  Mills waited too long and we paid the price last night in the bottom of the fifth inning.  We led 6-3 going into the bottom of the fifth and ended up trailing 6-10.  We can’t afford to be making dumb moves if you ask me.


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