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Kuffer is getting into the action and talking about “Rick Perry and the Latino vote, Part 1.”  I’m OK with that. Check it out .

The more the merrier.    What usually happens is that we talk about and analyze the Latino vote AFTER an election.   Thanks to Commentary, it looks like we’ll have that discussion BEFORE the election.  Who knows!  Maybe this will make something happen.

As the whole world knows, when it comes to the Latino vote in the state, for the past dozen or so years, Commentary has pointed out the incompetence of the Texas Democratic Party leadership when it comes to an ongoing program of engaging and mobilizing Latino voters.  In all these years, the Democratic Party leadership has never directly responded.  They’ve just kind of rather keep their heads stuck in the sand instead of addressing this concern.   Let’s hope talking about this will changes some past thinking…..to be continued!

The ‘Stros open a three game series tonight in Kansas City.  The Royals first started playing as an expansion team in 1969.  Is anyone in the MLB Hall of Fame wearing the Royal Blue?

Bonus:  When was the last time the Royals made it to the playoffs?

Speaking of, Commentary and MariGirl will be attending a local Latino voter awareness project meeting today in Southwest Houston.  Stay tuned!

Today’s Chron has a piece on what to do with the Astrodome. Check it out.

My pal Edgar Colon, Chair of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, which runs Reliant Park for Harris County, sent me this note:  “If you are going to comment on the proposals we just unveiled, I need your help clarifying the dollars. Some media, like the Chronicle, is saying that our proposal to save the Astrodome will cost over $1 billion. That is not true. The proposal to save the Astrodome would cost $324. The other money has to do with other developments for Reliant Park, such as a replacement of the Arena, an extension of the Center, etc.”

There is obviously no cheap way out of this, but tearing it down is the cheapest.

George Brett of course was inducted into the Hall of Fame wearing the Royal Blue in 1999.

The Royals last made the playoffs in 1985 of course as they won the I-70 World Serious against San Luis in seven games.

The ‘Stros are 15-9 all time against the Royals.  We’ve swept them twice in their Yard -   3-0 in 1999 and 3-0 in 2001.  With Paulino, Roy O, and Myers taking the mound, a sweep is certainly possible.


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