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The Former H-Town Mayor came out slugging yesterday and accused Guv Dude of slash and burn politics.  What else is new!   That’s what Dude does best.

The Former Mayor also took aim at Dude for letting the Lone Star State face an $18 bil budget deficit.  He also accused Dude of living a lavish lifestyle.

The Former Mayor had to call a special press conference yesterday to deal with the incoming his campaign had to deal with on the BTEC-Hurricane Rita mess. 

My old buddy, Austin mega-lobbyist Bill Miller had this to say:  “I think Bill White is in serious troubled.  It’s early enough to recover, but so far in the campaign his direction has been backward, and that’s a disturbing trend."

Commentary doesn’t know if the Former Mayor is in serious trouble.  It is after all only June 11.  He did take a hit though and Commentary has said before – of course, nobody paid attention – it would be interesting to see how the Former Mayor and his campaign dealt with incoming.  You see when the Former Mayor first ran for mayor and during his six years in office, he never had to deal with an attack from an opponent as skilled and vicious as Guv Dude and his folks.  Right now I would opine that Dude’s campaign is out maneuvering the Former Mayor’s folks.  A GOP consultant that Commentary respects told me the other day that Dude might not be so great at running the Lone Star State but he excels at campaigning.  Just ask Whole Hog, John Sharp, Tony Sanchez, Lady Foghorn, The Kinkhole, Da Bell, and Hutch.

Dude’s a serial politico killer that has Dem serial poltico killer profilers in a state of flux.  It looks like the antidote for beating slash and burn politics is well – take a bitter dose – is slash and burn politics.  That may be out of character for the Former Mayor but it appears to be the only strategy that might give him hope.  Stay tuned!

The ‘Stros are 8-2 so far this season in the month of June.  What was our record in June of last year?

Bonus:  What is the “Stros best ever record for the month of June?

Double Bonus:  Seven years ago today the ‘Stros threw the six pitcher no-no against the Yankees in Old Yankee Stadium.  Who was wearing the brick red then that is still wearing the brick red today?

I wonder if Conference USA has room for Baylor.

Last year (2009) the ‘Stros were 16-11 in June of course and of course our best ever June was in1979 when we went 20-8.

The Big Puma, Roy O, and Geoff Blum of course are still wearing the brick red today as they get ready to take on the Yankees in New Yankee Stadium this weekend and I will continue to take them one game at a time. 


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