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The burkablog said yesterday that the Former H-Town Mayor didn’t do anything wrong with the WEDGE-BTEC-HURRICANERITA-COASTALWATERAUTHORITY- TUBINES-STERLINGGROUP-$1,000,000INVESTMENT-$500,000RETURN.  Burkablog does say that the Former Mayor and his campaign staff bungled the whole issue by waiting so long to release their tax returns, thus allowing Guv Dude and his folks to stir up the pot.  Check out burkablog.

Burkablog says the dots don’t connect.   Maybe so but there were enough dots there to get a couple of days of unflattering news stories throughout the state that have the Former H-Town Mayor on the defensive.  There were also enough dots there that have some folks assuming it is kind of guilt by association.  The dots will be the basis of negative ads for sure later on this summer during you guessed it – hurricane season.

We know it is coming.  The ad that has footage of folks trying to evacuate during Hurricane Rita and stuck on H-Town’s freeways superimposed with an unflattering photo of the Former H-Town Mayor with a cash register spewing out money and going KA-CHING, KA-CHING!  Those are the only dots that matter to Dude and his campaign team.

The Former Mayor’s handling of emergency situations during hurricanes is supposed to one of his strong points that he can showcase during this campaign.  It looks like Dude’s campaign just snatched and tarnished this a bit.

Numero 45 had a 10th inning grand salami last night.  He has the last three ‘Stros grand salamis going back to last year.  How many grand salamis does Numero 45 have as a ‘Stro?

Bonus:  Who has the most career grand salamis as a ‘Stro?

Commentary’s God Daughter and Niece, Rachel Campos, is getting married this weekend.  Rachel is Lucas’ mom.  Rachel is also Dante’s Mom.  She is marrying a real nice fella named Andy Estes.  Congrats go to Rachel and Andy.

The Chron has another story today on what to do with the Astrodome that includes Commentary’s preferred option of tearing it down for $100 mil – yikes!  Check out the story.   All of the options have a major league price tag.  I’m thinking the Dome is just going to continue to sit there for a while.

Numero 45 has six grand salamis of course as a ‘Stro.

Numero 45, Jeff Bagwell, and Bob Aspromonte of course lead the ‘Stros in career grand salamis with six apiece.

A couple of weeks ago or only B’More had a worse record than the ‘Stros.  Now we also have a better record than the Indians, Mariners, Pirates, and D-Backs, so you can say that we are making progress.   Let’s just take them one game at a time.


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