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The headline should read “Declining Numeros – Oh, No!”  I’m talking about a Chron.com piece yesterday about a Gallop poll that was released that show The President’s rating taking a hit among Latinos.  Check out the article.

Here is what is said:  “President Obama’s approval rating among Hispanics has dropped twelve percentage points since the start of the year, according to a Gallup poll released today.  In May, 57 percent of Hispanics approved of the President’s job performance, down from 69 percent in January. The drop is particularly striking because blacks’ and whites’ approval ratings of the President have stayed relatively constant through the first five months of 2010.”

Here’s what U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-San Antonio) said:  “The numbers reflect Hispanics’ growing frustration over Obama’s inaction on immigration reform.  You have large segments of the Latino population who have as their number one legislative priority immigration reform.  The bottom line is that they haven’t seen evidence of the legislation being moved in congress."

GOP Latino strategists are pouncing on this and here is what Leslie Sanchez said: "They’re (Latinos) saying, he’s (Obama) not a man true to his word and that has a lot of impact culturally.  They’re disillusioned by how the Obama administration had addressed this issue (immigration)."

Sanchez is certainly doing her job.  She knows that Latino voters don’t think much of the GOP, so by pouncing on these numbers she is probably hoping that Latino voters feel like they are being dissed on the immigration issue and will stay away from the polls this November.

The Sanchez strategy could actually work in Harris County where we already have chronic low Latino voter turnout with a large immigrant population.  Of course I don’t blame The President for not moving the immigration reform effort.  However, he’s been on TV a lot recently saying that the buck stops at his desk when it comes to fixing the BP mess. So I guess many in the Latino community think the buck stops at his desk when it comes to immigration reform.

Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez and the Houston Area Latino Summit will soon be announcing an immigration reform gathering that will be held in August.  The Latino Summit will be held at a location in Southwest Houston.  Local immigration reform activists will lay out strategies for moving forward with reform.  Recognizing that immigration reform is a priority in our community, Latino voter turnout strategies will also be addressed…..to be continued. 

Meanwhile, today’s Star Telegram has a piece about the State GOP Platform Committee meeting yesterday in Dallas.  H-Town GOPer Norm Adams, a co-founder of Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy, proposed a platform plank and said "the Republican Party needs to come together on a sensible immigration policy — one that is not amnesty, one that is not deportation.   If we get this passed, Texas will set the standard. I want this party to come together, folks.  I hope and pray you people give this serious consideration."

This is the response he got from Sara Legvold, a delegate from Keller:   "No compromises, no guest work, until we have our borders under control.  I want to deport everybody who is illegal — children, dogs, pets, birds.”

Hey lady, you’re mean!

At the GOP State Convention this Friday up in Dallas they are having a Latino Leadership Breakfast.  I’m betting that they’ll tone down the anti-immigrant rhetoric at the breakfast and not because of the Latinos that will be seated in the banquet hall.  They’ll be more worried about the Latinos that will be preparing their food back in the kitchen.

Name the former ‘Stros skipper that has the most team wins?

Bonus:  Name the former ‘Stros skipper that has the most team losses?

Welcome to the party BTEC!   Yesterday, the Former H-Town Mayor released his 2004–2008 tax returns.  They showed that he made some money on an investment in BTEC, an H-Town turbine maker.   AP reporter Jay Root can fill you in on the rest.    Check it out.

During Hurricane Rita in 2005, it looks like the Former Mayor got the Coastal Water Authority to hire BTEC to bring in turbines so folks could keep getting their drinking water.   A year or so later the Former Mayor invested in BTEC and made a nice piece of change off of the investment.  Fully expect Guv Dude’s campaign and the GOP to pound away on the BTEC deal.

You have to figure that Dude’s consultants were ready for this.  They didn’t waste any time getting this out.  You see, the Coastal Water Authority has seven board members.  Four board members are nominated by the H-Town Mayor and confirmed by City Council.  The other three board members are appointed by Guv Dude and confirmed by the Texas State Senate.  Dude’s folks are going to make sure we keep hearing about BTEC.

Former ‘Stro Skipper Bill Virdon of course has a team best 544 wins and a team worst 522 losses compiled from 1975-1982.  Virdon who also wears a World Serious ring as a member of the 1960 Pirates is celebrating his 79th BD today!

Commentary dropped by HISD Trustee Anna Eastman’s community meeting last night over at Hamilton Middle School.  She had a great turnout.  Parents, teachers, seniors, taxpayers, students, and administrators showed up.  Way to go Anna!

Afterwards I sat down to watch the ‘Stros and it looked like one of those nights when the Rockies scored three in the first.  But we battled back thanks to Keppinger, Manzella, Numero 45, and Bourn and we ended up winning 4-3  – whew! 


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