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Guv Dude announced yesterday that the Lone Star State once again would not go after U.S. Department of Education Race to the Top grants that could be worth millions of federal dollars to local school districts.  This decision is being made by Dude at a time when just about every school district in the Lone Star State is struggling financially.  Dude says that going after the grants would invite federal government control of our local schools.  Commentary doesn’t have access to polling on this issue but I’m guessing that this isn’t a courageous and defiant position that is being taken by Dude.  It is probably a political decision that is polling well.  It is a definitely a cold calculation on the part of Guv Dude.

Dude will bring his campaign to refinery row here in the H-Town area today to play up to folks in East Harris County on this EPA versus TCEQ brouhaha.  He will probably let folks in Pasadena, Deer Park, Baytown, and La Porte know that he’s standing up for their jobs while the Former H-Town Mayor is siding with The President’s EPA on the refinery permitting process.  Dude will probably inject something along the lines that if The President’s EPA prevails, local jobs will be threatened.  Dude will probably also resurrect the Former Mayor’s attempt a few years ago to go after refineries that were outside of the City of H-Town’s jurisdiction that got a lot of East Harris County mayors upset.  Again, this is another cold calculation by Dude.  Stay tuned!

Who was the last ‘Stro to play all 162 games in a season and in what year?

Bonus:  Yesterday’s number twenty-seven was also the number for former ‘Stro slugger Glenn Davis who played for us from 1984-1990.  We traded him to B’More.  Who did we get in return?

You know we’re running out of solutions to fix the oil spill mess when hot shot movie director James Cameron has been invited into the abyss to help navigate through BP’s true lies and assist in terminating this catastrophe of a titanic proportion…..awww!  

Carlos Lee of course played all 162 games in 2007.

Steve Finley, Curt Schilling, and Peter Harnisch of course were traded to the ‘Stros by B’More for Glenn Davis in a trade considered the worst ever in B’More history.

What can I say about last night!   We took a 4 -0 lead.  The Nats tied it up at 4-4.  We took a 6-4 lead.  The Nats grabbed the lead in the top of the ninth at 7-6.  The Big Puma hit a two-out two-run single in the bottom of the ninth to win it 8-7.    I try to look at the bright side – they don’t seem to be giving up.


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