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Harris County Judge Ed Emmett’s idea of an Elections Administrator (EA) got some serious run today in the Chron.  Here is what the Chron’s Columnist has to say.

Here’s what the E-Board says.

The Chron’s Columnist kind of says it is a good idea.

The E-Board says it is a good idea but wants the change to happen after the elections.  The E-board also questions the motives of the County Judge and the lame duck County Clerk.

Commentary wants to see us go with an EA so I can wait until after the elections so the new County Clerk and Tax Assessor Collector can have a say.

The President sure isn’t afraid to embrace the “R” word – RESPONSIBILITY.  I was watching his press conference yesterday and he made it very clear that fixing the BP oil spill mess was his responsibility.  I would call it his “the buck stops here” press conference moment.  A lot of other politicians would probably be kicking the problem over to someone else or spending a lot of time blaming other folks.  The President owns it.  This President sure has had to deal with big league problems.

Meanwhile, the BP spill is now the biggest oil spill in U.S history and Dems are beginning to worry that the spill could hurt Dem candidates in November – go figure.

The Crosstown Cup is like our Silver Boot.  The Silver Boot is the trophy that goes to the winner of the ‘Stros–Rangers annual series.  The Crosstown Cup is the trophy that goes to winner of the annual Cubs–White Sox six game series in Chicago.  Guess who sponsors the Crosstown Cup?

About the only good thing about Michael Berry’s remarks yesterday was that he made them on KPRC 950 AM and not on the ‘Stros Flagship Station KTRH 740 AM.

BP of course is the sponsor of the Chicago’s Crosstown Cup – yikes!

We should have won yesterday afternoon if we would have just gotten one measly hit with runners in scoring position.  You know our season is wacky when we’re going to play the first place Reds this weekend – huh!


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