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My old pal Billy Leo, a veteran Dem Party leader from Hidalgo County had this to say on Chron.com last week about the Bill White Campaign:  "He might be doing well in Houston with Mexican Americans, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s doing well statewide.”

I want to explain to my pal Billy what makes the Houston area Latino community different from other Latino communities across the state.  According to recent census surveys, in Billy’s Hidalgo County, there are 631,194 Latinos and 95.4% are of Mexican descent.  In Harris County, there are 1,506,566 Latinos and 77.1% are of Mexican descent, 13.41% have Central American roots.  In Bexar County, there are 911,852 Latinos and 84% are of Mexican descent.  Dallas County has 903,574 Latinos and 86% are of Mexican descent.

Not all Latinos in the Houston area are Mexican American.  There are 345,058 Latinos that are not.  So the challenge here is more diversity within the Latino community that requires different campaign approaches.   There is also a disconnection of sorts between some parts of the growing Latino community and local elected Latinos.  Let me explain.    We all know that district representatives by nature are closer to their constituents like city council members, state representatives, members of congress, county commissioners, and school board members.  A lot of the recent Latino growth in Harris County has occurred in Southwest Houston, West Houston, and parts of Spring Branch that don’t have Latino elected officials.  So they haven’t experienced electing one of their own from one of their own neighborhoods so you really can’t blame them for feeling a bit disenfranchised and not turning out to vote. They might get excited if they had one of their own Latino elected officials being vocal on issues like immigration reform.

Much of the Latino growth is in areas where we really haven’t mounted consistent campaign organizational efforts.  They haven’t seen campaign workers going through their neighborhoods putting up yard signs and engaging the voters on behalf of credible Latino candidates. So getting them to the polls in an election like the one this November takes extra effort and resources and investment.    This is new territory that is definitely worth an investment….to be continued.

Who holds the ‘Stros record for grounding into the most double plays in a game?

The Texas Tribune put out a poll yesterday that had Rick Perry leading Bill White by nine points in Texas – 44% to 35%.  White leads Perry 43% to 32% among Latinos.  That is pretty much the way Latino numbers look in a poll in Texas a few months before an election.

A number of folks including Dr. Murray are providing their takes on what the poll really says and what it means.  The poll is also being compared to previous polls.   I want to see what the numbers look like once the air wars begin.  I want to see who can best handle the incoming.   I want to see how they react to negative TV and radio campaign ads.  Stay tuned!

CEWDEM gave some run on the issue of an elections administrator in Harris County that County Judge Ed Emmett has floated.  Former State Dem Chair Molly Beth Malcolm likes the idea.  Former SDECer Mary Edwards from Tarrant County likes the idea.  Former local Dem Party Chair Sue Schechter also likes the idea. 

Miguel “Miggy” Tejada of course grounded into three double plays last September 10 in a 9-7 loss to the Braves.  Miggy is celebrating Numero 36 BD today.  Feliz Cumpleanos Miggy!

Am I disappointed in our season to date?  Yep!  Am I giving up hope?  Nope!  We still have over four months to go and I have to believe that Numero 45 and The Big Puma will get it going.  Let’s see how we do on the road against division rivals over the next six games.


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