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Commentary has spent a lot of time talking about the importance of the Latino vote in the Houston area and its impact on the local Democratic Party and the Party’s candidates.  I’ve discussed the Latino voter turnout rates and have compared them to other voting groups.   I want to now begin a serious and constructive conversation that I will conduct over the next couple of months on what I think ought to be done to get more Latinos to the polls this November.  I will focus on investment and communications.

In yesterday’s chron.com, there was a mention in the politics section about the GOP candidate for Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, Don Sumners, saying he was going to start cracking on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White because he was afraid that White’s coattails were going to swamp the down ballot GOP countywide candidates.   Sumners could be right, but he also could be wrong.

A month or so ago, White was four points down in a Rasmussen poll and a few days ago he was thirteen points down.  As we move into the summer, more polls are going to be released.  The race will likely be a topic on the cable news political shows.   What happens if by the end of the summer, White never gains any traction and Governor Rick Perry still has a double digit lead?  This is just one of many scenarios I could lay out.  We just don’t know today because we don’t know where the economy will be in a few months, how many people will still be out of work, and how will folks feel about President Obama.    I always go into an election thinking it will be close.

Let’s make an investment and let’s communicate.    In last year’s H-Town mayoral campaign, Latinos stayed home.  Why?  Because none of the campaigns invested in the Latino community and none of them communicated with them.  Annise Parker ended up winning the Latino vote that showed up because I suspect that the more disciplined voter showed up and new her better than Gene Locke.

The major candidates for mayor last year spent a lot of money on mail and I don’t recall ever seeing a single piece in Spanish or even bilingual.  They all spent a lot of money on TV and radio, but I don’t think that they bought a whole lot of air time on Spanish language TV or radio.

The local Univision TV affiliate and La Tremenda radio are among the highest rated in the region.    Their audience includes Latino voters that prefer to get a lot of their news information in Spanish.   We need to stop ignoring them.  I know that some political consultants will say that they can get a bigger bang for their buck on Magic, The Box, or Channel 11 news, but that’s why it is called an investment.  We have to start making the investment in the Spanish language media.

When we do make the investment, don’t treat it like a side thing meaning, don’t buy a couple of months worth of the English speaking media and only spend one week’s worth of Spanish language ads….to be continued.

Commentary’s Mom is celebrating BD 84 today.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Which Hall of Famer holds the record for the most games played at first base?

From an AP story today:  “Who’s discriminated against in America? More people say Hispanics than blacks or women — and it’s far from just Hispanics who feel that way. An Associated Press-Univision Poll found that 61 percent of people overall said Hispanics face significant discrimination, compared with 52 percent who said blacks do and 50 percent who said women.  The survey also underscored how perceptions of prejudice can vary by ethnicity. While 81 percent of Latinos said Hispanics confront a lot or some discrimination, a smaller but still substantial 59 percent of non-Hispanics said so.”

The good news about the ‘Stros’ weekend opponent is that we have a 5-1 all time record against the Rays.  The bad news is that they are the best team in baseball right now and we have the second worst record in the MLB.

Eddie Murray of course played 2,413 games at first base.

Oh by the way, the Rays just got through sweeping the Yankees and 10,000 Michael Bourn bobbleheads will be given away tomorrow.


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