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Both political parties need to stop spinning Tuesday’s election results, please.  In Kentucky, Rand Paul stuck it up the arse of the U.S. Senate Minority leader in his own front yard.  In PA, in the special election, Dems elected a pro-life, anti-Obama health care fella to Congress.   Also in PA, Dems elected a fella over a turncoat former GOPer who had the backing of the Democratic Party establishment and The White House.  It looks like the only folks that can spin anything are the voters.

Jason Embry of the Statesman has an interesting piece on the race for Lone Star State governor.   Check it out.

Remember the Austin Dem State Senator that got stumped on national TV a couple of years ago during the Texas Two Step because he flubbed the Obama talking points.  Here’s what he told the Statesman yesterday:   “Bill White’s a nerd. But that’s a good thing. Bill White is going to be the kind of governor that will take the time to get the details.”

I think the Former Mayor’s campaign needs to send the state senator their talking points.

In which decade did the Yankees win their most World Seriouses?

Sweet Marisa got engaged this past weekend to a fella named Michael. 

Yesterday, things got a little testy over at The H-Town City Council meeting over deed restrictions, folks with AIDs, PWAs, HUD, the Fair Housing Act, and one of the strongest Dem voting neighborhoods in the state.  A few accusations were made and rumors were floated.  Late last night, The H-Town Mayor sent out an email to clear things up and set the record straight.

That’s why I like this Mayor.  She is going to do her best to shoot straight with us and not let things get out of hand.  Folks would be wise to follow her lead.

That’s why I also like The President.  He’s going to take advantage of the visit by the President of Mexico to crack on Arizona and send us a message that he’s with us.

On the Chron’s website they say “Sayonara Kaz.” Commentary got home last night to watch GM Wade say that Kaz Matsui was released and the team will eat the four or five mil that we owe him.  So ends the Matsui experiment.

The Conoco Dinger Pump is at 998.   There have been 998 dingers hit by ‘Stros players since The Yard opened in 2000.  When we reach 1,000 dingers, the fan that snags the dinger numero 1,000 ball will get $1,000 worth of ConocoPhillips gas.

It looks like H-Town CM James Rodriguez has 130 golfers lined up for his golf classic tomorrow at Gus Wortham Golf Course.  The H-Town Mayor will be among those teeing it up.  The golf classic benefits Wortham Golf Course.

The Yankees of course won six World Seriouses in the 1950s – 50, 51, 52, 53, 56 and 58.

The ‘Stros may not be winning but tonight’s game is one not to miss because it features Roy O going up against “No-No” Ubaldo Jimenez.   It has the makings of being classic baseball.

When I got to The Yard last night and saw the roof open, I thought we were in for a miserable muggy night.  It turns out it was quite breezy and we won for a change. 


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