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The City of Houston’s Term Limits Review Commission finally got some “focus” last night and set a direction.  The commission adopted motions to change the length of terms thus eliminating the two-year term.  They will look at the three or four-year term option.  They voted to consider staggering terms of council members.  In my opinion, staggering terms work only under a four-year term system.  They also voted to do away with the “lifetime ban”, in other words after a member serves the maximum allowed, he/she can sit out a term before running again, the so-called opt in – opt out provision.

The goal of the Commission is to adopt a more concrete city charter change recommendation early next month then forward to the Houston City Council by June 30.  The Mayor and City Council will then decide in July or early August if they want to put it on this November’s ballot. 

H-Town CM Melissa Noriega addressed the Commission last night and supported three four-year terms or four two-year terms.  She said she wasn’t cool to two four-year terms.

Rice University’s Bob Stein, a member of the Commission, and his students reported on a poll they had conducted April 26 – May 3 on the issue.  On the initial response to preference, 51% want to keep the current system, 24% support two four-year terms, and 8 % support four two-year terms.  After a series of questions on term limit related issues, the support for the current system decreased to 39% and support for the two four-year terms increased to 36%.

On the overall question on term limits, 60% support, 20% oppose, and 20% are neutral. So Commentary is in the minority on this issue.

You can find Dr. Stein’s poll on the City’s Term Limits Review Commission website at  http://www.houstontx.gov/termlimits/ .

Who led the MLB in dingers in the 1950s?

A few days ago, Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia announced he was appointing a committee to help him with 287(g).  Here’s what immigration reform activist Cesar Espinosa said:  “There really is no representation of the grass-roots community or the immigrant community.  Is this committee going to protect the interests of the office of the sheriff, or is it going to represent the interests of the immigrant community?”

Here’s how the committee co-chair and V&E attorney Beto Cardenas responded:   “I think the strength is in the diversity of our intellect, in the diversity of our opinion, not in the ethnicity or the skin color that we represent.”

Some folks thought that Beto sounded a bit arrogant. 

The ‘Stros now are on a five game losing streak in the season of streaks.

Duke Snider of course hit 326 dingers in the 1950s.

I don’t have a good feeling about the ‘Stros tonight as they didn’t get in until 5:30 am this morning and have lost twice as many as they have won (13-26).  I don’t think there will be long bathroom lines at The Yard either.

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