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From today’s Rasmussen Poll:  “Texas Governor Rick Perry earns himself a little more breathing room this month, crossing the 50% mark for the first time in his bid for reelection against Democrat Bill White.   The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Texas shows the Republican incumbent with 51% support, while White earns 38%, his poorest showing to date. A month ago, Perry held a modest 48% to 44% advantage. Perry, who is seeking an unprecedented third term as governor, has been sharply critical of the federal government in recent months and more specifically of the national health care bill passed by Democrats in Congress. Sixty-three percent (63%) of Texas voters favor repeal of the health care law while only 33% oppose repeal. Opposition to the health care law is even higher in Texas than it is nationally.”

Thirteen points down ought to put a damper on the glee that Dems have been feeling lately here in the Lone Star State.  Commentary was talking to a respected GOP consultant late last week and they were pretty darn confident on how things were going for them in the race for Guv.  They like the fact the The Former H-Town Mayor has still hasn’t released his tax returns and they like the fact that Guv Dude was still on message.  I wonder what the internals look like.  It looks like it is going to be going to be a long hot summer for the Dems.

Speaking of, the Texas Tribune did a piece last week on the Chair of the Dem Party of the Lone Star State.    Check it out.  It looks like a few Anglo Dems are making a whole lot of money and they still haven’t crafted a credible Latino GOTV strategy in the Lone Star State.   You get what you pay for I guess.

Who has the record for playing the most games in a ‘Stros unform?

Congrats to Bethany!  The Former Young Political Consultant That Used To Work Here, Bethany Arnold, graduated from UH Law School yesterday!  Commentary was there and heard Rudy G deliver a pretty good commencement address.  Bethany gave a thank you speech at her mom’s pad yesterday and gave Commentary a few props.  Way to go Beth!

B-G-O of course played in 2,850 games and by the way his St. Thomas High School baseball team won a state championship this past weekend.

The Chron had a piece yesterday on the ten most powerful Texans in DC these days and included the head of the DC ballet and Ron Paul – huh?  We’re hurting!

Saturday afternoon baseball on Fox was classic.   It was a pitcher’s duel.  Too bad as we lost even though Matsui’s last at bat was baseball at its best.  You know it is an unusual season when the Reds are in first and Matusi was used yesterday as pinch hitter batting a buck fifty – ouch!


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