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The Former Young Political Consultant That Used To Work Here, Bethany Arnold, will graduate from UH Law School this Sunday – wow!

Commentary will be there and I here that Rudy G will deliver the commencement address.

Commentary has known Bethany for over 16 years and watched her grow up.  She’s very smart.  She works hard.  She’s caring.  She speaks her mind and definitely has her opinions.  The last few years she’s been my Opening Day pal.  She and I also vote early together at Moody in every election – a tradition that we started years ago.  Now she’s beginning a new chapter in her life.  Congrats to Bethany!

The Chron has a piece today on The H-Town Mayor and her predecessor.   Check it out. 

Of course, The Mayor doesn’t need my advice, but she is better off running the City and not worrying about the race for governor.   She’s dealing with some pretty challenging issues and she doesn’t need to worry about how her words will end up in campaign brochures and radio and TV ads.

Here are two lines from the piece that are at odds.

“In somewhat stilted and carefully chosen comments this week, Parker and White praised each other and insisted they have a good relationship, although a spokeswoman for Parker said she would remain neutral in the upcoming November contest.”

“Harris County Democratic Party Chairman Gerry Birnberg predicted Parker eventually will campaign hard for White as the election nears.”

I don’t know about that.  I’m inclined to believe the first line.  I kind of think she will publicly stay out of the race.  Sure she will vote for the Former Mayor, but I don’t see her campaigning for him.   The GOP will probably still be running both houses of the state legislature next year so why put the City’s legislative agenda at risk.

Let’s also not forget that for the most part, the Former Mayor stayed out of partisan elections during his first five years in office.  I remember hearing the gripes from a lot of local Dem activists moaning about the fact that the Former Mayor wasn’t doing anything to help the local Dem candidates.  So there is precedent for The Mayor to stay focused on running the City and stay out of major partisan races.

Who are the two MLB teams that the ‘Stros have beaten only once?

According to the local sports media community, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing has a credibility problem.  Nobody was buying his explanation on how his body was invaded by performance enhancers. 

The ‘Stros of course are 1-5 against the Yankees and A’s.

That was a pretty good sweep of San Luis if you ask me.  The Big Puma and Hunter Pence are now starting to hit.  The breaks are going our way.  The pitching has been steady.  Now it’s three in San Fran including tomorrow’s match-up between Roy O and Tim Lincecum on Fox!


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