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According to a poll released yesterday, folks in the U.S. of A. still support offshore drilling by 50% to 38%.  GOPers support drilling by a 3 to 1 margin.   Dems are against 52% to 36%.

In another poll released yesterday, folks in the U.S. of A. support Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” law 64% to 34%.  70% of Latinos oppose the law and 49% of Dems would support it in their own state.  I guess you could say that once you factor out the Latino Dems in the poll, a majority of non-Latino Dems support the Arizona law.

The Dem support for the law might surprise some folks but it doesn’t surprise Commentary.   Sure The President and his administration have problems with the law but most of the outrage against comes out of the Latino community.  I don’t feel any grass roots Dem outrage outside of the Latino community even here in the Lone Star State.

Harris County and the Houston metropolitan area have the largest Latino voting immigration population in the Lone Star State.  If this community feels like the Dem Party isn’t enthusiastically supporting them on this issue, don’t be surprised if they don’t enthusiastically show up at the polls.  Believe me when I say they are paying attention.

How many times did a “Stros pitcher win 20 games or more in the rainbow jersey era?

One of the Chron’s Columnists has a piece today on the City of H-Town and the “sanctuary city” status BS that Guv Dude’s campaign is throwing at us. Check it out.

The Texas Tribune recently had a piece on Dude’s claim about H-Town and asked if the Lone Star State was a “sanctuary state.”  Check it out.

I hate to say this but if all we end up talking about is “H-Town is a sanctuary city, no we’re not, the Lone Star State is a sanctuary state, no we’re not”, we’re playing into Dude’s hand.  This isn’t the kind of immigration debate that Latinos voters want to hear.  This is kind of like running away from Latinos.

1975–1986 was the rainbow jersey era and in 1976 J.R. Richard was 20-15, in 1979 Joe Niekro was 21-11 and 20-12 in 1980.

The Big Puma had him four walks and a two run dinger last night and we’re playing A-OK as we wrap up the series in San Luis this afternoon – who knows!


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