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Brock Golf Course is a City of H-Town owned and run facility located in Northeast H-Town.  It is now on the budget chopping block.  The administration is proposing to turn it into a park and eliminate the golf.  Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting on the tube yesterday and saw a number of Northeast H-Town community leaders (all African American) ask council to keep Brock as a golf course.

The golf course loses money.   The revenue generated off of green and cart fees and concessions isn’t enough to cover operating costs.    The number of rounds played annually has decreased over the past decade.  Five years ago, a golf course consulting group hired by the City to review the City’s golf courses had this to say about Brock:   “Brock is the ‘Best Kept Secret’ of the Houston municipal golf courses as it is above average shape in 2005 after needed renovations in 2004 but not many Houston golfers seem to know about it.”

It sounds like the City of H-Town golf department never got around to putting together a marketing strategy for Brock.  That is not comforting to the folks in Northeast H-Town that would like to have their golf course kept intact.  Stay tuned for sure because I don’t think this is a done deal – at least not yet.

Who holds the World Serious career record for most at-bats, hits, and doubles?

The Texas House Speaker says that he wants the next legislature to put casino gambling on the table because taxes will not be raised to help deal with an $18 bil budget shortfall.   He says he’s tired of folks going to other states to gamble away their money.  Commentary is OK with casino gambling as long as everybody has a shot at owning a casino and not just those that have connections.

Remember when I talked about mixing sports and politics?  Next month the Phillies were supposed to go to Toronto to play the Jays in interleague play.  It turns out that the G20 nations will be holding their meeting in Toronto in a facility right down the street from the Jays’ yard.  For security reasons, they are moving the games to Philadelphia but the Jays will still be the home team in front of 45,000 screaming Phillies fans and bat last – got it?

Some group called bleacherreports.com or something like that didn’t have anything better to do, came up with the list of the worst pro team jerseys of all time and gave the ‘Stros rainbow jersey the top honor.  I don’t know about that.  I wonder what the top honors trophy looks like.

Yogi Berra of course has 259 World Serious at-bats, 10 doubles, and 71 hits and is also celebrating his 85th BD today. 

That was a nice come from behind win last night that included dingers by Hunter Pence and The Big Puma – who knows?


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