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One of the Chron’s Columnists has a piece today on the H-Town Mayor and how she’s handled METRO.  Check it out.

I think enough has been said and now it is time to move on.  The Mayor has her new METRO Board Chair and four other appointees in place so she now owns it.  It’s hers.  Former City Controller and City Council Member George Greanias who was The Mayor’s METRO Transition Chair is now the Interim CEO.  I don’t care what anyone says, Greanias is there because The Mayor wants him there.  Heck, the Chron even gave Greanias a glowing editorial in today’s Chron.  Check it out.

Frank Wilson’s and David Wolff’s names have been scraped off of their METRO Building parking spaces.   It’s a new day over there so let’s start talking about moving forward.  Of course, if Wolff decides to open up his piehole again and crack on The Mayor then it will be a case of “here we go again.”  Let’s hope this Wolff fella also moves on and lets the new folks handle things.

By the way, today’s column gave Commentary some run.  Hey, I can still come up with a one liner or two.  I’ll take it.

The ‘Stros open a three game series in San Luis tonight at Busch Stadium.  This the fifth season of play at the new Busch Stadium.  Who did the Cardinals play in the last game played at the old Busch Stadium?

More on Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” law.  Here’s what Texas Rangers third baseman had to say:  "It’s a ridiculous law. And it’s an embarrassment for American citizens."

Here’s a Star Telegram column.

Courtesy of The Nefster, here’s what the Governator had to say:

"I was also going to give a graduation speech in Arizona this weekend. But with my accent, I was afraid they would try to deport me."

On October 19, 2005, before 52,438 fans, the ‘Stros beat the Cards in Game 6 of the NLCS 5-1.  The win got us to the World Serious.  Jason Lane hit the games’ only dinger – the last dinger ever at old Busch Stadium.  Lane by the way is hitting .262 for the Triple A New Orleans Zephyrs.

Speaking of the “House of the Rising Sun”, Eric Burdon is celebrating his 69th BD today – yikes!

At this point in the season, only three ‘Stros are All-Star Game worthy:  Roy O, Michael Bourn, and Matt Lindstrom.  Hopefully, some more can get going.


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