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For the past 30 years, adman Lionel Sosa from San Antonio has made a ton of money selling the GOP to the Latino community.  Way back in 1978 he coined the “John Tower Con Nosotros” phrase during GOP Sen. John Tower’s race against challenger Bob Krueger.   In today’s SA Express News, Sosa is sounding a little weepy because these days the GOP is picking on paperless folks.   Check out the article.

Don’t make me gag.  That “Con Nosotros” BS is just what it is – BS.  He’s been trying to fool Latinos into thinking that the GOP was good for our community.  It turns out Sosa’s been made to look like a fool of by his own GOP.

Last year’s top draft choice by the Texans, Brian Cushing, has been suspended for four games by the NFL for having a banned substance in his system.   It brought on this reaction from The Big Puma:  “The man’s a beast; I know that. I didn’t see what exactly he tested positive for… I will say that what will be interesting will be the reaction, because generally when that happens to a football player, it’s kind of ho-hum.   They’ll write a story and he’ll serve his four games and nobody will ever say anything else about it.  If that happens to a baseball player, they’d want to strike him from the record book. It’s just a totally, totally different reaction, and I don’t know why that is.”

The Chron’s Sports Columnist basically echoes The Big Puma’s response.  Check out the piece.

Here’s what he says:  “If Cushing played major league baseball, he’d be all over the news. He’d be the object of ridicule, and his reputation would be gone forever…….Baseball commissioner Bud Selig curses the fact that his sport is held to a different standard, but he should be proud of it. There’s still outrage when a baseball player cheats, and that’s a good thing.”

Cushing definitely makes the knucklehead list.  He issued a statement over the weekend that said he wasn’t taking steroids.  Oh yeah!  He needs to do some ‘splaining if you ask me.   That’s not likely though.  It didn’t even get a mention in today’s Chron so maybe folks are just moving on.

How many members of the Baseball Hall of Fame have ever worn a ‘Stros uniform as a player, manager, or coach?  Who are they?

Yesterday, A’s pitcher Dallas Braden pitched the 19th perfect game in MLB history.  How many of the perfect game pitchers have ever worn a ‘Stros uniform?

Since BP is now considered a weapon of mass destruction, I wonder if BP employees are on the “no fly” list?

Not a single Caballito or Little Puma showed up yesterday.  That’s too bad because they missed Numero 45 and The Big Puma come alive.

Seven of course and they are players Eddie Mathews, Nellie Fox, Nolan Ryan, Joe Morgan and Robin Roberts, Yogi Berra as a coach, and Leo Durocher as a manager.

Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson and Don Larsen of course have worn a ‘Stros uniform.

Pink dominated Pink at the Park this past weekend at The Yard.  Even Dante donned a pink jersey yesterday at some breaks finally went our way yesterday and we won in eleven innings as the team starts an eight game roadie tomorrow in San Luis.


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