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There is an interesting column in today’s Chron about Houston METRO.  The former METRO Chair David Wolff apparently is not going to be kicked around by The Mayor without a fight.  Check it out.  

Here is what Wolff said about The Mayor:   “She knew so little about Metro that she had to have 40 people study it for three months before she knew what was going on.” 

Here is what The Mayor said:  “I don’t know what universe Mr. Wolff lives in, but it’s apparently a different one than the one I live in.”

I guess this Wolff fella is intent on protecting and defending his record, reputation, legacy, and pride.   Of course, I don’t think he is going to win any arguments with The Mayor anytime soon.  She has the bully pulpit and he doesn’t.   She won an election and one of her promises was to shake up METRO.  You wonder why Wolff just didn’t quietly ride into the sunset after he was replaced.

Wolff says that METRO CEO Frank Wilson is being fired “for political reasons.”  No sh_t, Jack!

Hey fella, everything is political.  The Mayor is doing exactly what she said she was going to do during her campaign.  She got scoreboard!

Wolff appears to be the only voice in H-Town defending METRO.  I don’t see anybody else stepping up to join Wolff.  Is there anybody else willing take Wolff’s side.  I doubt it.

You have to hand it to the management of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns for making a national statement last night by wearing “Los Suns” jerseys.  It is kind of like flicking the bird at Arizona’s Governor and State Legislature.  Way to go Los Suns!

At last night’s Cinco de Mayo White House reception, The President made reference to Los Suns.

Yesterday’s Chron editorial also took a shot at Arizona.   Check it out.

I think Commentary mentioned some of that a few days ago.

In 1990, this ‘Stro was traded to the Boston Red Sox in what is now called one of the most lopsided trades in sports history and one of the worst in Red Sox history.  Who did the ‘Stros get in the trade and who am I talking about?

Last night I checked out the Latino immigration activists protest across the street from The Yard.  About 30 folks showed up including Macario who was holding an “Arizona S__ks” poster.  My Uncle Jesse was also there.

Larry Andersen of course was traded away to the Red Sox for Jeff Bagwell.  Andersen is celebrating his 57th BD today.

Willie Mays is celebrating his 79th BD today.

Numero 45 is celebrating reaching the Mendoza Line after last night’s walk-off dinger to put away the D-Backs – wow!  Maybe we can get another over the D-Backs tonight!


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