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Some fella has a piece in today’s Chron about folks in the U.S. of A. making too big of a deal over Cinco de Mayo.  Check it out.   He says folks in Mexico treat it as just another day or a minor event.  He says Cinco de Mayo has been commercialized here and that folks incorrectly think we’re celebrating Mexico’s Independence.  So what?

At least we’re celebrating a culture and in the process getting under the skin of those English-Only and anti-paperless folks arseholes. 

Local Latino immigration reform activists will head to The Yard tonight to protest Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” law.  The protest will actually take place across the street from The Yard on the Texas Avenue side.  The protest coincides with the Arizona D-Backs being in H-Town even though the D-Backs’ managing partner issued a statement this past weekend opposing the “Show Me Your Papers” law.  

After the protest, maybe the Latino activists will walk down the street and take part in the ‘Stros’ pregame Cinco de Mayo and have a few cervezas and nachos and chile con KAYSO!

What was the big news in the MLB on Cinco De Mayo of 2004?

A few days ago the Tucson, Arizona City Council came out in opposition to the “Show Me Your Papers” law.

At The Yard last night, Hunter Pence let the bat slip out of his hands and it flew into the stands but nobody got hurt.  Pence sent someone up to retrieve it and the fans booed.  Of course, Pence is batting .215 so I don’t why he’d want that bat.

GM Ed Wade still reads Commentary.  After last night’s game, he told catcher J.R. Towles that he would be spending Cinco De Mayo with the Double A Hooks – adios! 

The ‘Stros got beat last night on a dinger to dead center field – about 440 feet.  Michael Bourn tried to chase it down up Tal’s Hill but could not get there on time.  It has been that kind of year as the team stranded nine base runners.

On Cinco De Mayo in 2004, The Rocket of course struck out his 4,137th hitter at The Yard to climb to second all time past Steve Carlton.  The Rocket is now at 4,672 in third place behind Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson (4,875) and Nolan Ryan (5,714).  The ‘Stros beat the Pirates 6-2 that night which by the way was the last time we played a Cinco De Mayo game at The Yard.

Hopefully wearing my “Los Astros” gear tonight will bring us some luck! 


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