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Eight Houston police officers have been suspended with pay while being investigated for allegedly beating up a burglary suspect.  Their actions were caught on a video surveillance camera.  The DA’s Office, HPD, and Quanell X have copies of the video tape.  The FBI now wants a copy of the tape.  Once the video tape goes public every media outlet in the whole wide world will air it and H-Town will get a bunch of unwanted publicity.  A lot of folks like Quanell X and H-Town CMs Jones and Bradford will probably get some talking head time on CNN, MSNBC, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Fox News.

The H-Town Mayor saw the tape and here is what she told the Chron:  “I was extremely upset, angry and frankly disturbed by what I saw……The subject was not resisting at all when the incident occurred.”

It is kind of refreshing to get frank talk from the City’s CEO after something like this.   She is definitely not tip toeing around this.

Here’s what Quanell X said:  “Now I say to HPD.  We’ve got your behinds on tape.  You’ve been beating young brothers for years in this city. Ain’t no hiding on this one. There’s no sweeping this under the rug.”  Ouch!

Speaking of, the H-Town Mayor is rubbing shoulders with the best as she makes Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential in the World.  Here’s some of the company she’s keeping:  The President, Admiral Mike Mullen, Speaker Pelosi, Former Governor Palin, General McChrystal. Glenn Beck, Scott Brown, Bill Clinton, Jet Li, Serena Williams, Phil Mickelson, Ben Stiller, Lady Gaga, Conan O’Brien, Kathryn Bigelow, Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, Neil Patrick Harris, Prince, Simon Cowell, Sandra Bullock, Ricky Gervais, Elton John, James Cameron, Steve Jobs, Paul Volcker, Justice Sotomayor, and a bunch of folks that I don’t know.   Way to go Mayor!

This former MLBer batted .500 (12 for 24) in the 1979 World Serious but wasn’t named the Serious MVP.  Who am I talking about?

The Harris County AFL-CIO put out their list of endorsed candidates yesterday and topping the list was Harris County Judge Ed “Hunker Down” Emmett.  Hunker Down was the only GOPer on their list.  Next time I run into the Working Man Hero, I’ll ask him to ‘splain to me their reason for endorsing Hunker Down.

The D-Backs visited Wrigley yesterday and were greeted with a protest rally held by Chicago area Latinos that don’t like what is going in Arizona.   Here’s from an AP story today:  “Activists gathered outside an Arizona Diamondbacks game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, chanting ‘Boycott Arizona.’  About 40 immigrant rights activists gathered outside Wrigley Field in Chicago Thursday as the Cubs open a four-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. A small plane toting a banner criticizing the law circled the stadium, and activist George Lieu said they’ve sent a letter to Cubs management asking them to stop holding spring training in Arizona.  A Cubs spokesman declined to comment. Arizona manager A.J. Hinch says the team is there to play baseball.”

The D-Backs visit The Yard this Monday.

The City of Austin is looking at how it can join the “Boycott Arizona” movement.  Way to go Austin!

Commentary was cleaning out more files yesterday and ran across a 1969 ‘Stros vs Cards souvenir program.  The most expensive ticket back then was $3.50 for box seats. The pavilion seats were $1.50.  Ladies got in for 50 cents on Ladies Night.  You could get a cold beer for 50 cents, a soft drink for 25 cents, a burger for 60 cents, a hot dog for 35 cents, peanuts for 25 cents and popcorn for 15 cents.  Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez’ dad was one of the ‘Stros Spanish language radio announcers.

Phil Garner of course had a good 1979 World Serious playing for the World Champion Pirates.  Willie Stargell won the MVP by also having 12 hits including 3 dingers and 7 RBIs.  By the way, Scrap Iron is celebrating his 61st BD today!

Numero 45 better pick it up at the plate.  Last night I looked up and only saw one Caballito on the concourse.  Let’s see now, Matusi is batting .147, Numero 45 is batting .177, Towles is .205, and Pence is at .228.  No wonder we got swept by the Reds and now we’re off to The ATL!


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