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"When I say Whoa! I mean Whoa!  You long eared, fur bearing, flat footed varmint!”

That was supposedly said when Yosemite Sam, err Guv Dude shot him a coyote in self defense – allegedly – a couple of months ago while jogging up in the hill country. Commentary figures he finally let folks know yesterday in a move designed to wrap up the Lone Star State’s rancher vote.  Of course there are no witnesses and no proof other than Dude’s word.  You figure Dude would have thrown that dead coyote into a plastic garbage bag and taken it over to the local taxidermist and had it stuffed and mounted.

How come there are no pictures of him holding the dead coyote by his ears.  How come there are no pictures of Dude stringing up the coyote by its tail up on a tree branch or Dude having his foot on the dead coyote proudly holding his pistol.  Come on, if Dude was packing heat, he had to be packing an iPhone.

Dude also said he didn’t even give the dead coyote a proper burial.  He just left him out there.  Dude said the dead coyote “became mulch.”

I wonder if the Former H-Town Mayor will counter Dude by letting us know about his dead varmint experience.

The ownership of the Arizona Diamondbacks has been linked to supporting the efforts of those that pushed the Arizona legislation that goes after paperless folks.  I have been asked if I will be boycotting the D-Backs when they visit The Yard next Monday through Thursday.  The D-Backs don’t make money off of me when they visit us.  They don’t take a piece of the gate.  They don’t take a piece of the concessions.  All I would be doing is hurting the ‘Stros.  So I will be there.

Name the only MLB team that has never beaten the ‘Stros.

A prominent Lone Star State civil rights attorney said this about Guv Dude and the Arizona legislation:  “You can take the political temperature by just looking at Rick Perry being quiet.”  Dude figures he can score more votes going after coyotes.

The Toronto Blue Jays of course are 0-3 against the ‘Stros when they got swept here in June of 2005 in our only official get together.

Let’s see if we can get back on the winning track tonight.


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