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Today’s political chatter in the Lone Star State is about Guv Dude and the Former H-Town Mayor weighing in on the debates.  The Former Mayor wants to debate right now.  Dude says he wants the Former Mayor to release his tax returns first. 

Last year, the Annise Parker campaign released her tax returns and called on Gene Locke to release his.  The Parker campaign hammered away until Gene finally released his and what resulted was this big old yawn.  Gene was doing A-OK as a lawyer/lobbyist.

I suspect Dude will stick to his guns for now on this issue.   He knows that the E-Boards from newspapers across the Lone Star State will probably side with him because they love to have public officials release their tax returns.    What the voters think is a different matter.  I don’t think they care right now.  Stay tuned!

“The City of Houston shall not use photographic traffic signal enforcement systems to civilly, criminally, or administratively enforce any state law or City Ordinance against the owner or operator of a vehicle operated…….”, so starts the petition calling for an H-Town referendum on banning the red light cameras.  The petitions were mailed out to those in H-Town that have violated local traffic laws by the law firm of Paul Kubosh and Associates.  The petitions already have your name, birthday, and address and just need the old John Hancock.  Heck, they even included a prepaid postage envelope.  If they get the required signatures, we may have it on the November ballot. 

The Kubosh group is called Citizens Against Red Light Cameras and they can be found at  www.nocamerashouston.com .   This would be an interesting election because it would involve public safety, city finances, and corporate profits.  I don’t run red lights so I don’t have a problem with the cameras.

The Lovelier Wendy and CM James Rodriguez along with the Port’s AJ got their mugs in today’s Chron for co-chairing a fundraiser for an East End non-profit.  Cool!

Ten years ago today, the ‘Stros gave up four dingers in one inning at The Yard.  Who were we playing, who was our pitcher, and in what inning?

Tyler, Texas GOP State Rep. Leo Berman recently said “I believe that Barack Obama is God’s punishment on us today, but in 2012, we are going to make Obama a one-term president.”   I can’t decide if Berman is a dumbarse, ignorant, or an idiot.  Heck, he’s probably all three.

Continental Airlines and United Airlines are in merger talks.  If they merge, the corporate headquarters are rumored to be located to Chicago.  Adios to H-Town. As if the H-Town Mayor didn’t already have enough on her plate, now she has to do some more heavy lifting and try to talk Continental into keeping their corporate headquarters in H-Town.   It looks like Guv Dude will also weigh in and maybe offer up some of his Enterprise Fund loose change.

The U.S. of A. reads Commentary.  The City of San Francisco decided to boycott Arizona.  The nation’s largest Spanish language newspaper, La Opinion, also called for a boycott.  Hotel operators in Arizona are already fielding cancellation calls.  Meanwhile, someone painted a swastika in Arizona and the ink used was made from refried beans.  I don’t know about that kind of art.

The Cubbies hit four dingers in the first inning off of Jose Lima Time on April 27, 2000.  I remember watching the first three standing in the concession line waiting to get a hot dog and watching the fourth walking down the aisle to my seat.  Lima Time gave up a fifth dinger in the fourth and lasted five innings and gave up 12 earned runs – yikes!

The Chron Sports Section has a couple of upbeat and optimistic pieces on the ‘Stros today.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad we’re doing a lot better but remember we’re playing 15 out of 22 in April at The Yard.  In May we play 16 of 29 on the road and in June we play 16 of 28 on the road.  

‘Stros third baseman Pedro Feliz is celebrating numero 35 today as we take on the Reds tonight at The Yard!


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