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First of all, Commentary isn’t heading to Arizona anytime soon.  Commentary also won’t be buying anything that is made in Arizona.   Of course, I don’t even know what they make in Arizona.

It is hard to say how this is going to play in November.  On the news talk shows yesterday morning there was a lot of discussion about Latino voters staying home in November if Congress fails to act on immigration reform.  Heck, I’ve been saying that for a while.    There was a lot of news coverage this past weekend on the signing of the Arizona legislation.    Univision and Telemundo devoted more air time to the issue.   Latino voters are closely watching how the immigration issue will be handled.  Stay tuned!

My old pal David Mincberg had an interesting Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron on term limits.  Check it out.   David kind of wants them for Harris County and has no problem with them at the City of H-Town.

Somebody asked for my thoughts on Guv Dude spending this past Saturday morning with that Glenn Beck fella.  Hey, Dude’s gotta keep his based fired up.

Who was the ‘Stros Opening Day starting pitcher for five straight years (1987–1991)? 

I guess folks now know that Pam-In-Charge is also “Ace Cookie Baker Pam Gardner” according to the Chron’s Ken Hoffman in yesterday’s Chron.  Hoffman definitely got it right on that one. 

Pam-In-Charge and her crew are feeling good these days as the team is playing the way they are supposed to be playing.

Mike Scott of course who also pitched that division clinching no-no against the Giants on September 25, 1986 and is celebrating his 55th BD today!  10,000 Mike Scott Bobbleheads will be given away on Saturday, July 10.

The ‘Stros have today off and will be back at The Yard tomorrow evening as the Reds come in for three.


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