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Commentary and some of the GLBT leadership showed up last night at City Hall to attend the meeting of the City of Houston Term Limits Review Commission but there wasn’t a meeting.   Apparently the meeting was held Tuesday night.   I got my info on the meeting from Chron.com because you can’t find anything about the Commission on the City of H-Town’s website.  Chron.com said the meeting was supposed to be held last night.  I actually spent some time putting together some stuff for a presentation.  I don’t know about this.

A moronic GOP congressman said on the tube the other day racial profiling would not be used if the Arizona law designed to run paperless folks out of their state became law.  Instead, wardrobe profiling will be used.  He says you can tell if folks are here without papers by what they wear.   Commentary is anxious to see the wardrobe handbook they’re going to distribute to Arizona law enforcement types.  

Who was the only pitcher to strike out 19 batters twice in the same season – Sandy Koufax, Steve Carlton, Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, or Bert Blyleven?

I’m thinking that the State of Arizona will probably mess up and stop and harass some visiting Latino MLBers when they play the Diamond Backs particularly those that don’t have command of the English language.   The good news for the ‘Stros is that they don’t have to head out to Arizona until Labor Day so that gives Wandy and Paulino plenty of time to brush up on their English.

It looks like the Houston METRO CEO got him a reprieve of sorts.   He’s off the hook for now.   Of course, if he didn’t do anything wrong, how come he didn’t look into the cameras a few weeks ago and say so.  Instead he looked like one of those fellas that had been advised to take the fifth.  After all, he’s a public official and should answer questions that are asked.  I don’t think this one is over if you ask me.

After Wednesday night’s ‘Stros game, the Skipper was asked about The Big Puma getting caught trying to steal third base.  Here’s how the Chron reported Brad Mills’ response:  “His name is ‘Puma’, I don’t think he demonstrated any Cadillac actions right there.”

Commentary was trying to figure out the “Cadillac” reference then I went to Alyson’s Footnotes and here is how she reported what Mills said:  "His name is Puma, but I don’t think he demonstrated cat-like actions right there."

Got it!

Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson of course struck out 19 batters twice as a Mariner in 1997. 

Since there wasn’t a meeting last night, Commentary headed out to The Yard and snagged a last minute ticket from Pam-In-Charge.  We lost the game but in honor of Earth Day, they handed out the curly energy efficient light bulbs on the way out as the Pirates come in for three this weekend.


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