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Commentary grew up down the street from the San Jacinto Battleground and Monument.  The elementary schools in our ISD were named after the heroes of the Texas Revolution – Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, William B. Travis, Stephen F. Austin, Mirabeau Lamar, James Bowie and Lorenzo DeZavala that only Latinos like Commentary attended.  We were taught Texas history like what happened on March 2, 1836 (Texas Independence Day), March 6, 1836 (the fall of the Alamo), and April 21, 1836 (the battle at San Jacinto).  April 21 used to be a school holiday in our ISD.

These days there is barely a mention of San Jacinto Day in the media.   The Chron usually carries the story about the folks that reenact the battle but that’s about it.  It doesn’t seem to be a big deal.  I don’t even know if a whole lot of time is spent teaching Texas history to the kids.   Does it matter since most folks aren’t from these parts these days?  As long as we still go by H-Town, err Houston, it ought to matter.

In their history, the ‘Stros have turned 9 triple plays.  Former ‘Stros shortstop Roger Metzger was involved in 4 of them – the most.  Which ‘Stro was involved in turning three triple plays (the second highest)?

It looks like Illinois Cong. Luis Gutierrez is not giving up on immigration reform.  He was involved in a press conference yesterday and was very critical of The President.  Hey it takes guts for a Democratic congressman from The President’s home state to call him out.   It looks like some Latino leaders want to keep this issue on the front burner during this election year in hopes of getting The White House and Congress to act.     Failure to act might keep Latinos at home this November.

Last night at The Yard, some fella didn’t appreciate getting on the KissKam so he shot the bird at the camera – a Yard first I think.

Ken Caminiti of course was involved in turning three triple plays and was also born 47 years ago today.  He left us way too soon.

‘Stros shortstop/second baseman Jeff Keppinger is celebrating his 30th today.  Keppinger is currently batting .342.

Last night we saw Numero 45’s first extra base hit of the year, a Jason Michael pinch hit dinger, 2 RBIs for The Big Puma, a squeeze bunt, and our first win at The Yard this season.  You should have been there!


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