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Local NASA Johnson Space Center supporters have reason to be worried this morning.  The President made his big NASA speech yesterday and H-Town’s JSC wasn’t mentioned.

Here’s what local GOP Congressman Pete Olson who represents the JSC had to say in today’s Chron:  “The only thing bold about this announcement today is the administration’s blatant focus on Florida.”

Hey Pete!  Joining with the GOP posse and going after The President might get you put on Rush’s and Former Governor Palin’s Christmas card list, but it could also cost a bunch of your hard working constituents their jobs.   Imagine Clear Lake without JSC. 

Here’s what the H-Town Mayor had to say:  “(The President’s) playing to a political audience (in Florida). I’m sure the folks in Florida may have been happy with what they heard, but I didn’t hear the word Texas at all.”

What did we expect?

Seven years ago, Tom DeLay was implementing a redistricting plan here in the Lone Star State that ended up dramatically altering the make-up of our state’s congressional delegation.    The Lone Star State’s GOP congressional delegation have been in lock step against everything The President has proposed.   Hutch and the Junior Senator have gone out of their way to crack on The President.  Guv Dude relishes in attacking The President and Washington. I guess demonizing The President for the past fifteen months does have a price.

It has been said on a few occasions that elections have consequences.  I don’t think the precincts around the JSC voted for The President.

I don’t think Cong. Olson, Hutch, the Junior Senator, Dude, and the rest of the local GOP have it in them to reach out to The President.  I don’t think they want to work with The President.  They’d rather crack on The President and if the JSC goes down the drain in the process, too bad.  You’ve got to change your evil ways, baby!

Since H-Town doesn’t have anyone in The White House that gives a rat’s arse about us, it looks like the H-Town Mayor is going to have to roll up her sleeves and do some heavy lifting on this matter.   The Mayor has a lot on her plate these days.   Now she is going to have to step in and try to fix the problem that was created by the GOP.

Yesterday, MLB players wore the retired Number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson.  Who was the last ‘Stro to wear the Number 42?

Serge gave me a call yesterday to talk about some of the first names that Latino ballplayers have.  Where do they think up these?  Check them out:  Wilton Lopez (HOU), Wandy Rodriguez (HOU),  Dioner Navarro (TB), Merkin Valdez (TOR), Yunel Escobar (ATL), Melky Cabrera (ATL), Renyel Pinto (FLA), Anibal Sanchez (FLA), Hanley Ramirez (FLA), Johan Santana (NYM), Danys Baez (PHI), and Wilson Valdez (PHI).

Jose Lima of course during his Lima Time days wore the Number 42 from 1997 to 2001.

At 3:14 pm yesterday the ‘Stros recorded their first win of the season – whew!  Now it’s on to Wrigley for three afternoon games!


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