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Commentary was watching Tiger on the tube this past Saturday and he hit a shot not to his liking and dropped a few cuss words on live TV that CBS was airing.  This past Monday, CBS’s Master coverage anchor Jim Nantz was on a New York City radio sports talk show.   On the talk show, Nantz was very critical of Tiger for cussing on the air.  Wait a minute pal!   I sat there watching this past Saturday and after Tiger dropped the choice words I actually waited for the CBS fellas to say something or put out a disclaimer or tell the TV audience to send the kids to another room.  The only thing I heard was something like Tiger didn’t like his shot.  Maybe CBS didn’t say anything about Tiger’s talk this past weekend because that without his arse on the golf course, not very many folks would be interested in watching the golf tournament.  I think it is kind of lame for Nantz to take his shot at Tiger a couple of days after the fact.

When folks say your one vote will make the difference, take it to the bank.  In yesterday’s Harris County Democratic Primary run-off, two races for precinct chair ended in 5-4 vote counts.  In one race there was I under vote, in the other there were 3 under votes.  Of course, the last thing I want to do is be critical of our precinct chairs, but they must have not have done a whole lot of campaigning if only 10 out of 1,532 voted in one precinct and 12 out of 3,694 voted in another.

Fifty-five years ago today, Elston Howard took the field as a Yankee at Fenway Park making the Yankees the thirteenth MLB team to integrate.  This happened just a day shy of the eighth anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in MLB.   In those days there were only 16 teams in the MLB.  Name the last three to integrate?

Pete Rose turns 69 today and is still not in the Hall of Fame.

Marvin Miller who should be in the Hall of Fame is 93 today.  Miller, who has probably never had a baseball card made of him, was the Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association.  He’s for sure one of the reasons we fork over close to eight bucks for a beer at The Yard.  He definitely had an impact on the economics of MLB.

The Tigers, Red Sox, and Phillies of course were the last to integrate.

The ‘Stros continue to try for their first win of the season as Commentary anxiously waits for word that Jason Castro will soon join the team!


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