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The Chron’s lead story today is about the Astrodome and how much Harris County taxpayers still owe on some remodeling ($19 to $32 mil) and how much it costs to run ($2 mil per year) – ouch!   Of course, the City of H-Town inspectors say it can’t be occupied these days unless certain repairs are made.  So it just sits there.   Check out the story.

At the end of the piece, there is a mention on bringing in the old wrecker ball.   Of course tearing down the Dome would also cost a lot of money because you would probably have to spend a lot of dough removing all the asbestos and stuff.  So far all the proposals to redevelop have fizzled.  It’s not going to be a hotel, a multiplex, a movie studio, a parking garage, a museum, an amusement park, a water park, an indoor ski run, an aquarium, a mega church, a haunted house, or a bowling alley.  Commentary would like to know how much it would cost to tear it down.  Then maybe we could have a serious debate on what to do.

How many of the ‘Stros regulars are either “on the interstate” or “off the map?”

A bonus – when was the ‘Stros best attendance year at The Dome?

Did you know that in 35 seasons at the Dome, the ‘Stros average fan attendance was 1,498,595.   In the ten years at The Yard, the attendance is averaging 2,816,892 fans. 

“On the interstate” is Pence who is batting .120 (I-20), Numero 45 at .111 (I-11), Blum at .190 (I-90), and Matsui at .154 (I-54).  Towles is “off the map” hitting .063.   No wonder we’re 0-7.

Pam-In-Charge’s “A Season to Remember” final year at the Dome in 1999 brought in 2,706,017 fans.

Hunter Pence is celebrating BD 27 today and the ‘Stros have the day off which means, when I wake up tomorrow morning we won’t be 0-8 but still 0-7 – drats!


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