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One of the Statesman’s political writers has an interesting take on the November election today.  Here’s how it starts out.

“Democrats all over Texas this year will grapple with a familiar question: How tightly, if at all, should they embrace their national party?  The question is particularly important for their gubernatorial nominee, Bill White, because Republican Gov. Rick Perry has so effectively turned his own campaign into a referendum on Washington Democrats. If White can’t change that narrative, he’ll probably lose.”     Here is the article.

Here’s how it ends:

“White’s job is to make such a compelling case against Perry that voters don’t care that he belongs to the president’s party. It sounds simple. But Perry is a master at framing a race, and we don’t yet know the overriding theme of White’s campaign. If he wants to win, he should leave no doubt as to what that theme is.”

If Dems start running from or distancing themselves from The President, then we can pretty much guarantee that a lot of our base won’t be enthused and will stay home.

I know it is important to keep folks like Thomas Jefferson in our textbooks, but Thomas Jefferson isn’t going to get Latinos voters to the polls.

Unless there is significant progress on immigration reform, a lot of Latino voters will stay home on Election Day.

The ‘Stros are a disappointing 0-3 after being swept by the Giants.  What is our worst or slowest start in team history or rather how many losses did we endure before we won our first game?

The City of H-Town announced more cuts in services yesterday.  A number of city libraries will not be open on Saturdays.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of, Fort Bend ISD and Houston ISD are laying off a combined 800 or so folks – ouch!

Commentary will be heading over to Moody Park today with my posse to vote for Bruce Kessler and a few others – be there!

Commentary will switch to ESPN this afternoon to watch Tiger. 

‘Stros catcher J.R. Towles is batting a measly .125.  I hope Jason Castro hasn’t plunked down a deposit for rent out in Round Rock.

The ‘Stros started out 0-9 in 1983 but ended up going 85-77.    This is the 11th time in team history that a team has started out at 0-3.   We have today off – whew!


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