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Once again Commentary has to applaud The H-Town Mayor for taking the bull by the horns and being decisive.  The Chron’s lead story is about hiking the cost of our water and sewer rates.   Check it out.

We have to do it which means I’ll be forking over a few more bucks per month.  Apparently our water system has been operating in the red for years – huh!  In reading the article, we should have raised the rates a couple of years ago.  It probably would have been a lot easier on the pocketbook for some folks back then.

In fact, here’s from the article:  “(New) Councilman Oliver Pennington asked why the city did not raise rates sooner, when deficits were apparent. ‘I just wonder what you guys were thinking,’ he said.”

I think we all know the answer to Oliver’s question.

At least The Mayor is doing what has to be done to make sure the system doesn’t fall apart.

Speaking of, the lead story in Chron’s City & State section is about The H-Town Mayor wanting Houston’s METRO to restore the public’s trust in the agency.  The Mayor’s new board appointees get sworn in today. I guess their first order of business is to unplug the paper shredders.  The second order of business is figuring out a way to say adios to the CEO.   Good luck!

What was the big happening in H-Town ten years ago today?

Thanks to the leadership of The H-Town Mayor and CM James Rodriguez, this morning the City Council will finalize its part of the Downtown Soccer Stadium deal. Way to go!

The Chron’s Columnist devotes his piece today to a plea to Hutch for one more flip flop.   Check it out.   He wants her to head to the center and take a prominent role in the immigration reform effort.  Commentary doesn’t think that is going to happen.  After all, the hits she took in her own primary left her pretty much punch drunk.  If she is not into her current gig, how can we expect her to lead?

41,583 were on hand for the Official Opening Day Game of course as the ‘Stros hosted the Phillies but still lost 4-1 on April 7, 2000.  Randy Wolf (who later played for the ‘Stros and is now a Brewer) was the starting pitcher for the Phiilies and Octavio Dotel (who now pitches for the Pirates) started for the ‘Stros.  Scott Rolen (who now plays with the Reds) had the first official dinger in the top of the seventh.  Richard Hidalgo (who is now out of the game) had the first ‘Stros dinger in the bottom of the seventh.

We’re dingerless through two games as the ‘Stros try to get win Numero Uno this afternoon against the Giants.  Get well soon The Big Puma!


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