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This will be our 11th season playing Major League Baseball in Downtown H-Town – wow! Meanwhile, the Astrodome still sits out there gathering dust and cobwebs.  Nobody has the political courage to do the right thing.  Every now and then someone will step forward and propose to turn the Dome into a museum, an indoor snow ski jump, a casino, a movie studio, a hotel, a parking garage, a water park, or an amusement park.  Like someone told me this weekend, if they can tear down old Yankee Stadium, they can tear down the Dome.  That’s the only political comment I’ll make today.

Who was the last team the ‘Stros played in the Dome?

Pam-In-Charge gets a knuckle bump and high five today after the first pitch is thrown by Roy O as she enters her 10th year as the President of Business Operations for the Houston Astros.  Of course, she’s the highest ranking woman in MLB and also one of Commentary’s closest friends.  Way to go Pam Gardner!  Way to go Drayton!

The Chron has the ‘Stros going 77-85 this year.  I don’t know about that.

In the NL West, the Chron has it Dodgers, Rockies, Giants, D-Backs, and Padres.

In our NL Central, the Chron says Cards, Cubbies, Reds, ‘Stros, Brew Crew, and Bucs.  I don’t know about that.

Four of the Chron’s sports writers made their predictions yesterday and none have the ‘Stros in the play-offs.  I don’t know about that.

Dante stole the show this past Saturday at Fan Fest when he beat out the experts at the Fan Fest Trivia contest by naming the NL Pitcher who was the strikeout leader for three seasons in the 80’s – Steve Carlton of course.  Dante also won for naming the only MLBer who started at least 500 games at five different positions during his career – Pete Rose of course. 

It looks like the price of a St. Arnold at The Yard tonight will not be going up – whew!  They will also be selling Prince’s Hamburgers and Blue Bell Ice Cream.

The ATL of course on Saturday, October 9, 1999 when they eliminated us in Game 4 of the NLDS.

Commentary will be making it to Opening Day with Bethany Arnold tonight as Roy O faces last year’s NL Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum and the Giants.


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