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On this Good Friday the lead story in today’s Chron is about declining home values in Harris County.  That means a declining tax base.  Local municipal governments and local school districts have some tough decisions to make.  Check out the story.   This is not good news.

In the coming days, weeks and months, our local elected officials will be tested because there will be cuts in services.  We can also expect furloughs and lay-offs.  Let’s just hope there is fairness and openness in the process.  Let’s make sure the pain is spread around.  Let’s also put demagoguery aside.   Stay tuned!

CM James Rodriguez and the proposed Downtown Soccer Stadium got some run in today’s Chron lead editorial.   Check it out.    Way to go James!

This MLB Hall of Fame member is 65 today.  He was a pitcher and ended up with 324 wins career including 24 as a ‘Stro.  Who am I talking about?

Commentary got some run on Fox 26 News last night on the politics of the new health care law.  In the story, the local GOP Chair Jared Woodfill called on Guv Dude to call a special session of the Texas Legislature so the Lone Star State can pass a Health Care Freedom State Law – huh!  I don’t think Dude wants to do anything right now that will focus on his leadership skills, err lack of leadership skills.  Sorry Jared.

Happy Birthday to Don Sutton of course who was a ‘Stro in 1981 and 1982 and who also has the distinction of having 1,354 at-bats without a dinger!

Take the time to drop by Fan Fest at The Yard tonight and tomorrow and check out the silent auction stuff, the cool gear for sale, the autograph sessions, chatting with the front office, watch the Stros and the Blue Jays, and a enjoy tasty St. Arnold!

By the way, have a nice Easter Sunday!

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