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Hutch ain’t a quitter, she’s a fibber.   It is tough to exit the limelight if you ask me.  Like I said, she’s suffered too many political concussions this past year.  The sad thing about this is she doesn’t want to serve but she goes on ahead and stays.  If she doesn’t like the gig, get out.  Why didn’t she stick around and answer questions at her announcement yesterday?  Come on, you aren’t that special.  You’re not Garbo.  You’re a defeated candidate that got you’re arse handed to you by Guv Dude!   She’s a pitiful looking spectacle if you ask me, of course, nobody ever asks me.

Meanwhile, from the know  how to get things done department, The H-Town Mayor, got The Summit, err Compaq Center, err Lakewood Mega Church sold for $7.5 mil with only two votes against.   She rolled out her new Police Chief yesterday.  She says that outsiders will be considered for Fire Chief.  That’s a good idea.  They have them some problems over there that maybe someone from outside of the good old boy system can fix.

Speaking of, props go to The Mayor’s Campaign Ad folks that won major awards from political professionals for her campaign – nice job.

The Downtown Soccer Stadium deal was delayed a week which means that CM James Rodriguez will have to roll up his sleeves and do a little extra lifting over the next few days.

The Roundtable blinked yesterday as TEXDOT workers started replacing the “Don’t Mess With Texas” signs with those that now read “Don’t Mess With The Dean.”

Name the only three MLBers to hit a dinger before turning 20 years and after turning 40 years?  Hint for one: H-Town.

The President’s drill, baby, drill plan must have some merit since folks from the left and the right are all up in arms.

Some folks are now saying that Michael Jordan was a bad influence on Tiger.  I guess Tiger watched too many of those “Be Like Mike” TV commercials.

One of the Chron’s baseball fellas is starting to write about each division.  In the AL West he has Mariners first, followed by Angels, Rangers and A’s.  Sorry Ranger fan.  In the AL Central it’s the Twins, White Sox, Tigers, Royals, and Tribe.  In the AL East it’s the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, O’s, and Blue Jays.  In the NL East it’s the Phillies, Braves, Marlins, Mets, and Nationals.

Ty Cobb, Gary Sheffield, and Rusty Staub of course.  Le Grand Orange hit his first dinger as a Colt 45 back in 1963 and Rusty Staub is also 66 today!

I kind of lifted the following from the ‘Stros.  For the price of a ticket to The Yard tomorrow and Saturday, you get to participate in Fan Fest that includes a baseball card and memorabilia show along Conoco Home Run Alley.

There will be a Kids Fun Zone in the lobby of Union Station Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. The Kids Fun Zone will include inflatable games, face painters, balloon artists, clowns and more for all kids 14 and younger.

Fans have the opportunity to bid on silent auction items, and to purchase promotional merchandise and memory lane autographed items at the popular Garage Sale. All proceeds generated from the event will benefit the Astros In Action Foundation.

Friday, April 2 – Schedule and events

There will be autograph sessions with players, coaches, and former players.  Some are free and some cost with proceeds going to the Foundation.  Go to the ‘Stros website for details on autographs or show up and get details on site.

My favorites are the Saturday morning seminars where you get to chat with the front office staff, broadcasters, and Alyson Footer.  Those are from 10:15 am to 1 pm. In between seminars, Fox Sports Houston personalities Kevin Eschenfelder and Bart Enis  will dish out challenging baseball trivia and give out prizes to the winners.  Be there!


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