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Cesar Chavez was born 83 years ago today.  He left us nearly 17 years ago.  He got his own postage stamp back in 2003 or seven cents ago.

Commentary will be checking out the H-Town City Council meeting today on the municipal tube to see what kind of discussion goes on about selling The Summit, err Compaq Center, err Lakewood Mega Church for $7.5 mil.  The Chron’s E-Board put out their take today.  Check it out.

In the editorial, the Chron quotes a letter from a reader:  “If it was a bad deal, it was struck during the (Mayor Lee) Brown administration. This is now. We should be happy to get the church to buy it.”

It would be nice if the Chron’s E-Board or news staff would say why it was a “bad deal.”  Maybe someone at the council meeting will ‘splain why it was a bad deal.

Council will also consider today the H-Town Mayor’s Houston METRO appointments.  If they are approved, the new posse, err appointees will start the process to run-off the agency’s beleaguered CEO.  Stay tuned!

Council will also take up the City of H-Town’s part of the Downtown Soccer Stadium deal.  Way to go Mayor and CM James Rodriguez!

Of all the current MLB cities, name the burg that the ‘Stros have never played in?

Hutch will also make her decision today – maybe.  She will announce her quitting day, change her mind and say she will stay through the end of her term, or declare that she will seek another term – highly unlikely but you never know with her in light of the fact that she suffered the equivalent of a three or four political concussions this past year and that she just might not be thinking clearly these days.

The head of the U.S. Census called out H-Town yesterday for lagging in returning 2010 Census forms while at the same time ICE was planning new raids.  I think the census big shot should be calling out ICE if you ask me.

Fifteen years ago today we lost Selena.  She would be 39 if she was still around.

The H-Town Mayor will also announce her new Police Chief today.  Of course everyone knows who it will be.

My Best Friend called me yesterday to let me know that his grand daughter’s name is Sofia Luna Schnieders!  I think he’s cool with the idea that “Luna” got middle name status.

The ‘Stros have never played in Toronto of course as the Blue Jays visit the ‘Stros this Friday and Saturday for our final two Spring Training games.

A now for the not so good news – The Big Puma will start the season on the disabled list – drats – because of his knee – double drats!   The ‘Stros’ Fan Fest will be held this Friday and Saturday at The Yard!

Commentary just noticed that my ‘Stros calendar ends today and I checked out the giveaway schedule and calendars are not on the list.  I don’t know about that.


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