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Commentary has to hand it to H-Town’s Mayor for making the tough decisions.  Facing a serious budget shortfall, the Mayor is proposing increasing the health insurance premiums of retired city employees – ouch!  Check out today’s Chron story.

What are the alternatives?  Layoffs or furloughs? Raising property taxes? Cutting services.  Increasing certain fees?  Installing more red light cameras?

I think they need to look at an ordinance banning cell phone usage and texting while driving.   What’s the hold-up?  They better do it before the state steps in and do it first and gets first dibs on the revenue that will be generated.

Congrats go this morning to my niece Linda (a hot shot South Texas prosecutor) and her hubby Silverio for having their fourth young one yesterday – Andres Antonio.

Congrats also go to My Best Friend Al Luna and wife Julie for becoming grandparents as my God Daughter Lisette and hubby Mike Schnieders welcomed Sophia this morning. 

Commentary will make sure that Andres Antonio and Sophia are on the voter rolls this November joining Dante, J. Dominic, Lucas and Jake.

Hey, I hope Linda/Silverio and Lisette/Mike haven’t turned in their census forms yet.  We need every Latino and Latina we can get.

Ten years ago today, what was the big happening in H-Town?

Speaking of, the Chron also has a piece on census forms being returned, err not returned in H-Town.   Check it out.

Meyerland has a 47% return rate.  Piney Point has a 25% return rate.  Gulfton has an 8% return rate – yikes!  Immigration reform activist Cesar Espinosa who kind of forecasted a dismal return rate among Latinos is headquartered in Gulfton.  What did you expect? 

If we’re not careful, low Latino participation with the census could translate into low Latino voter participation this November.

From an AP story yesterday: “The Washington Nationals say President Barack Obama will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the team’s opening day game April 5 against the Philadelphia Phillies. 

The team says Monday it will mark the 100th anniversary of the first time a president tossed an opening day first pitch — William Howard Taft did it on April 14, 1910. It also will be the first time Obama attends a game at Nationals Park.”

Ten years ago today of course, The Yard officially opened with an exhibition game against the Yankees.  Commentary was there of course to watch Ricky Ledee of the Yankees smack the first ever Yard dinger.  It was a beautiful night as MLB changed forever in H-Town. Way to go to Drayton and Pam-In-charge and all the rest of the folks over at The Yard!

Well it looks like Jason Castro won’t in the starting line-up on Opening Day as the ‘Stros have elected to go with J.R. Towles and Humberto Quintero behind the plate.  I guess they know what they are doing.  I don’t know how many chances Towles gets so stay tuned for sure.


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